Why We, "Want you to want to do the dishes"

by - October 22, 2008

I just love the movie, "The Break Up." It's so realistic. Sometimes, I feel like I'm in that movie. You know, it would not have killed him to get off his ass and take a few minutes out of his time, to do the damn dishes!

I had a discussion about this movie with my boyfriend and he didn't understand why Aniston's character wanted her boyfriend to want to do the dishes. He thought it was stupid. Well, it's not. It's not just about the dishes. She wanted to know that he wanted to help her out and that he appreciated all the work she had done that day. That's pretty much what it was about. He didn't really do anything to help and then at the end of the day he picks up a controller and starts playing video games. He didn't even try to acknowledge the fact that she was tired and wanted to relax too.

Bottom line is, we need to know that we are appreciated and that you don't mind taking time out of your video game playing, to help us out a little. How about a thank you, a please, an I love you baby your the best, some flowers, or days when you say, "Don't worry about it baby, I'll take care of everything, you just relax."

Afterall, these days women are juggling numerous things, this can include work, parenting, running errands, going to school and more.

If your girlfriend asks you to do the dishes with her, just do them and don't act like it's a hassle. It will take a few minutes and it's not that hard to do.

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  1. I remember this movie! it was one of the movies the BF rented for our movie night (coz I wanted to watch it). But, of course, he fell asleep halfway thru this movie. Sigh. lol.

    anyway, thanks for stopping by my page and leaving a comment =)

  2. Your welcome. This movie is great and I don't think my fiance ever made it to the end either.