$56. dress makes Michelle Obama an elitist.

by - October 23, 2008

Last night on Larry King Live Georgette Mostbacher really pissed me off when she called Michelle Obama an elitist, because she wore a $56.00 dress designed by Maria Pinto when she was on "The View." Here's a video of Mostbacher, making an ass of herself on Larry King.

First, it just sounded stupid. Second, she said Maria Pinto works by appointment only, as if you can't buy her clothes without setting an appointment and having her personally design them. Her clothes are available for purchase at Saks Fifth Avenue. The same place where Sarah Palin's clothes which purchased from.

Also, let me just say, I don't see a problem with Palin spending $150,000 on clothes for herself and her children. Americans are big on image. No matter how many people want to deny it, if Palin would have went to the RNC with JC Penny clothes on, someone would have had some type of criticism for that too. Besides, this is nothing compared to Cindy McCain's $300,000 outfit that she wore to the RNC (which by the way looked fabulous).

Now, I respect Michelle Obama's choice in clothing better because, she's not spending all kinds of crazy money just to look good. Her clothes always look beautiful on her.

Check out this great article about Michelle's wardrobe here on The Black Snobs' Blog: Michelle Obama Dresses Better than you There are a lot of pics and she looks great!

Check out Maria Pinto's Bio Here!

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