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Places in Philly: Delaware River Waterfront

The Delaware River Waterfront has always been one of my favorite places to take the children. I've always loved Festival Pier. Any weekend in the summer you can find crowds of people gathered there to enjoy free concerts featuring a variety of artists, from well known celebrities to local up-and-coming artists. Penn's Landing also has a spectacular fireworks display. (Penn's Landing is our side of the water front; named to memorialize William Penn's landing). Penn's Landing is my go to spot when I want to chill, and take the children out at the same time. It's laid back. There's live music, cocktails, a skating rink, boat rides, games, hammocks, food and fountains to cool off in. I enjoy it. There's always something going on their. They have tons of events  in the summer, so check it out.  Swan Boats Penn's Landing Marina, by Neal Santos  Paddle Penn's Landing Program at the Marina, by Matt Stanley.  Yoga on the Race Street

Cute Video: Mama Bear & Cubs Invade NJ Backyard and Pool

A family of black bears take a swim in a New Jersey family's pool. (The little girl in the video sounds so adorable). Video Below.