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Going through his Phone

  He left his phone.  There it is, sitting on the kitchen counter, the night stand or the bathroom sink. You've been questioning so many things lately and all of your answers are right there in that little device. What should you do? My suggestion is wait for him to come back and give him his phone. It most likely has a passcode on it. Trying it too many times will lock the phone and he'll know you were trying to snoop. But, what if there is no passcode? Should you go through his phone? I am going to say no. It is not a good idea to go snooping through your man's phone. Before you do it you should consider the following: 1. Snooping through his phone is an invasion of his privacy. Every individual deserves some level of privacy. Even when they are in a relationship. I'm pretty sure you have messages in your phone to family members or friends that you wouldn't want him to read. Not because you're cheating, but because you're talking shit or the other person

Is He Cheating?

Intuition is what we call it. A Woman's Intuition to be exact. It tells us, "something ain't right." You don't have proof, but you feel it. You're probably not wrong. We know when something's up, and while we may not have hard evidence, there are common signs that tell us a man is cheating. If you believe your partner is cheating I recommend keeping a behavior journal. I know, I know, it sounds a little crazy, but hear me out. I am about to list a bunch of common signs of a cheating spouse. You should keep track of which behaviors your partner displays. Most of these signs are circumstantial evidence, but if you establish a continued pattern of behavior that looks like cheating, then it probably is. Going over your journal entries will help you determine if he's really cheating. Now, if you're married, and your spouse is doing more than one of these, and your journal is looking like he's definitely cheating, you might want to hire a profession

How to Cheat without Getting Caught (What I've Learned from Men)

I remember being cheated on. I remember catching him red handed and listening as he denied the whole thing. I remember wondering if the other woman knew he was married. Odds are, she probably did. I didn't understand it and the truth is, I didn't need to. I just needed to remove myself from the situation. My ex was careless in his cheating. After my experience I began watching how men & women cheat. Cousins, friends, co-workers - it seems that everyone has a "Sneaky Link" or a "Secret Bae." And although the memes would have you thinking otherwise, it's not cute. But still, it's interesting. So here are some of the best tips I've learned on how to cheat without getting caught:  1. Let the person you are cheating with know that you are already married, or in a relationship. Have this conversation with the person from the beginning so they know their role, and so that you can establish boundaries. Be clear that you will not be leaving your spou