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Good Things are Coming!

What a day! Look at my hands! I was leaving a meeting at our corporate office in Souderton when my tire got a big 'ol hole in it!! 😞 I was able to pull over at Wawa when I noticed the Low PSI warning, but when I got out of the car I could hear air seeping out!!  Their air pump would not do.  Fix-a-flat would not do.  I don't have AAA (anymore ☹).  I would have to get out the donut 🍩 and change the tire myself!!! 😭😭😭😒.   "This will definitely delay my afternoon meeting in Mt. Airy," I thought.  Not to mention, my outfit looked really cute!  Plus, I did my hair & make-up so nice!! 😍 Even the security guard noticed when I got to Souderton this morning she was like, "You look different. Did you straighten your hair? It looks good!" The last time I had to change my own car tire I was 21!!  And even then someone pulled over and helped.  No such luck today. 😠  I guess I didn't look cute enough! 😮  After it took me like, FOREVER to change the