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Showing posts from October, 2010

Halloween Cookies YaY!

Made these with my Little Ones: Basic Sugar Cookie Dough Recipe + Royal Icing + Children = Fun :)

Throwback Thursday: Half/Midriff Shirts vs. Skinny pants/suits

These days, some women are debating whether or not it is okay for their husband, boyfriend or men in general, to wear skinny legged pants. I've had this conversation on both Twitter and Facebook. I must admit that I agreed with some people stating, " Yeah I agree, I don't like the new skinny pants on men." But wait a minute, wasn't there a time when men walked around looking like this??? and this: Uh, yeah. In light of that throwback moment, I'm okay with the new look. (My mom has a photo of us at the park, some time in the early 80's and my dad has midriff shirt on, LoL)