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Philadelphia Murals: 1

Two of my favorite things in Philly, are our beautiful old church buildings, and our wall murals. Murals can be found on the sides of buildings all over our beautiful city. Here are just a few:

Homeless: Please Help

Proof that homelessness is on the rise is evident all over Center City Philadelphia. Love Park is over-crowded with homeless people and possibly, dope feinds. Walking down Chestnut Street you'll see at least two homeless people sitting on the ground on each block. All this leads me to one question... Where do all these homeless people get the colorful markers used to decorate their signs? On a more serious note though, this is a real problem and it's growing. It's growing right along with the increase in the crime rate. Pay attention people.

The Very First, All Diamond Ring

Shawish Jewelry, a company based in Switzerland, has created the very first all diamond ring. Ladies, this is a 150 carat diamond ring that compares to no other. It is one of a kind, all diamond. I mean like, the band and everything. Pure diamond, nothing else. Just beautiful! It's worth $70 million. Jewelers at Shawish took about a year to design the diamond ring and have already obtained the copyright for their design, so don't expect to see any copycat make-ups of this baby. Shawish jewelers calls their diamond beauty, "The World's First Diamond Ring." It's definitely worthy of the title. There was never a diamond ring, until this one. (The others were gold and diamond).

Top Selling Products Online

When thinking about starting an online store, or selling products or services online, one might want to figure out which products are bringing in the cash. I've been experimenting with selling on eBay. I've only sold clothes and shoes, but wanted to find out what products would bring in more money. I found an article that does a good job of breaking it down. The top selling items are Software, books, music, videos, flowers, computer hardware, consumer electronics, office supplies, apparel, and footwear. Click this link -> eStorefront Guide for more info. After reading the information I think I will stick to selling apparel. From my own experience with online sales I can say that children and women's clothing sell much faster than men's clothing. I'm making plans to open my eBay store as a children's clothing store.

CookieCoo Dancing Star – Dance to the Rhythm of Children's Songs for iOS

It is a known fact that children are more inclined to pay attention to colorful visual aids and catchy tunes compared to reading a text book during study time. Fortunately, developers of apps children such as ThinkCube have created a more enjoyable learning environment by introducing fun kids apps like CookieCoo Dancing Star to the market. This particular iPad apps for children by ThinkCube is geared to teaching children new concepts such as rhythm, coordination, and vocabulary in a game setting. This way, the attention of young children won't stray away from the learning session because it is set in a more enjoyable manner. The CookieCoo Dancing Star kids apps for iPad is designed to help parents teach their children how to use their senses during play time. It is not just their eyes, ears and hands that are used in this rhythm game but their ability to memorize the songs playing as well. The songs used in the rhythm game are all too familiar with older people because these ar

Awesome Video of the Sky

I love this video. Music and nature together, it's just beautiful. I felt really calm when I watched it on full screen with my head down. There's an article here about the video: Amazing time-lapse video captures the night sky, By: Claudine Zap