CookieCoo Dancing Star – Dance to the Rhythm of Children's Songs for iOS

by - March 19, 2012

It is a known fact that children are more inclined to pay attention to colorful visual aids and catchy tunes compared to reading a text book during study time. Fortunately, developers of apps children such as ThinkCube have created a more enjoyable learning environment by introducing fun kids apps like CookieCoo Dancing Star to the market. This particular iPad apps for children by ThinkCube is geared to teaching children new concepts such as rhythm, coordination, and vocabulary in a game setting. This way, the attention of young children won't stray away from the learning session because it is set in a more enjoyable manner.

The CookieCoo Dancing Star kids apps for iPad is designed to help parents teach their children how to use their senses during play time. It is not just their eyes, ears and hands that are used in this rhythm game but their ability to memorize the songs playing as well. The songs used in the rhythm game are all too familiar with older people because these are the same songs that were taught them when they were still young. Songs like Hokey Pokey, Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and This is the Way We Wash Our Face are just a few examples of the songs that kids can sing along and dance to even while playing CookieCoo Dancing Star.

There is no doubt that when it comes to best kids apps for iPad, CookieCoo Dancing Star will be leading the race. This children apps beats other free children apps for iPad because it has more features to boast of and plenty of benefits to share with its young users. Although you need to pay to use this applicaton, when it comes to good apps for kids, CookieCoo Dancing Star is well worth the price of $0.99. Why? Once it is installed and your kid starts playing it, they won't be doing anything else except to play the game over and over again. The reason for this is that they will find new friends in the cookie characters that are dancing and singing in the background as your kids tap the instruments where the notes are falling. Top apps for children like this is definitely worth taking a much closer look.

If you are looking for top educational apps for kids, make sure that you choose CookieCoo Dancing Star. This kids educational apps is not just for fun and entertainment but it is also for teaching your kids new ideas that they are sure to remember.

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