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Selecting New Eyeglasses (It's Never a Bad Idea to Consider the Price)

I accidentally threw away my glasses one night, (that's so me, I had put them in a plastic bag with some snacks). That was over a year ago and I just recently took on the challenge of selecting and purchasing new eyeglasses. This is a challenge to me, because I always have a difficult time selecting the best glasses for my face shape and skin tone.

Honestly, I hate the way I look in any glasses and if I didn't need prescription glasses in order to operate a vehicle, I would go without them. (I do not recommend that anyone else do that, and I'm sure my optometrist would scold me). In order to prevent myself from getting another ticket, I had to take on the task of finding some glasses that I would feel comfortable and confident in.

This time around I did some online research on how to pick out the perfect glasses. I watched some videos, read some articles, figured out my face shape, and then forgot almost everything as soon as I walked into the optical shop and saw the displays. What I did remember was that because my face shape is oblong, the sides of my frames should not extend past my face. I also remembered that I needed to get tall frames to prevent my face from looking longer.

I ended up with a sleek pair of Oakley Soft Top eyeglasses. The hardest part about buying glasses is having someone tell you how great you look in some frames that cost more than what you intended to spend. I ended up spending $250.00. I love the frames, but I could have gotten a pair that were just as nice and cost a lot less if I had ordered my glasses online.

Here is a picture of the eyeglasses I purchased (the color is different, mine are Green Tea):

I love my selection but I could have definitely rocked these Yoshi Ayaka frames from GlassesUSA with no problem. They're only $85.00!!

Overall, I don't think I did a bad job. I do however, wish that I had extended my online research to comparing prices. I feel that I spent too much money on my frames. Afterall, I only need these glasses to drive and watch TV.
Right now GlassesUSA is having a sale! You can take 10% off your next order of glasses by using this code: Blog10


  1. You look nice in those, but $250. is a lot when you look at how much less the other ones cost. You look real nice in those though.

  2. Hi! FOllowing you back..finally a blog with substance!!lol not too many out there...i'm going to enjoy reading yours, good luck ! xo shelly

  3. My great grandfather used to say: "I sleep in my glasses so I can see what I'm dreaming."

    I guess he never rolled over in his sleep. Seeing what I dream has cost me about $400 dollars to date.

    Next time, I really should investigate before buying though. I often end up with pairs that make me immediately reach for my contacts.

  4. Your post made me think of that scene in Seinfeld when George gets talked into buying women's glasses without realizing it. haha :P

    I think those are really cool frames! It's amazing how much they can charge though... yikes.

  5. @Geoff I love the quote from your grandfather :)

    @Dr.Heckle I'm glad you like the frames :) I've never seen that episode and may now have to look it up & watch.

    Shelly, thanks for the compliment!

    Thanks for commenting everyone!

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