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Awesome Santa Blog Shares Children's Wishes for Christmas

Santa Says  Santa's Blog shares children's Christmas wishes and many aren't asking for toys: My Grandma’s nightgown has holes in it you can see through and I don’t like to, so she needs a new one, and her Mix Masters broke too. I want $500 to help Mommy pay all the bills because we are getting a little poor and she worries so much. You can skip all the toys this year. What I want is for my brother to get better, to speak and act like he used to and not have to take pills all the time. Can you make me magic? Dear Santa, will you let dad spean time with us. I need your help. Dear Santa, All I wish is to see my Grandpa for Christmas. Please for me. All I want is for my baby cousin Brandon to get better. Visit his blog to see what Santa Says!

Bedtime Woes: A Conversation with my 5-Year-Old

ME: You're NOT behaving and you told me that you would be good & follow directions. HER: I told you that, but I am trying. ME: I don't want to hear that you're trying! Go to bed right NOW! HER: I said I was trying to follow directions mom. I'm trying my best. That's all I can do mom, is try my best. ME: *Blank stare* .....GO TO BED!!! What is the deal with small children and bedtime? Even after a very busy day, when you know they should be tired, they just don't like bedtime.

How to Have a Perfectly Safe, Completely Normal Farmville Addiction

1.) Log onto Facebook. 2.) Notice that you have 25 game requests 3.) Click the Game Requests link. 4.) Say to yourself, "Geez, half of these requests are for Farmville. I haven't played that in like, forever." 5.) Start accepting the gifts. 6.) Send gifts back. 7.) Plant some crops. 8.) Notice that you're only on level 12. 9.) Begin playing more often. 10.) Harvest, plant, buy animals, get a chicken coop, hatch mystery eggs, build a stable and a pig pen. 11.) Increase your playing to everyday. 12.) Send your pigs on hunts & send truffles to neighboring farmers. 13.) Send gifts everyday. 14.) Play farmville when you can't sleep, when you are angry and when you are bored. 15.) Send gifts more than once a day, (since you have increased the amount of time that you spend playing). 16.) Expand your Dairy Farm, finally complete your beehive, let your pigeons fly, master wheat and cotton and place your animal trough. 17.) Notice that you've moved up several level

Throwback Thursdays: Duos I Loved

Ren & Stimpy Pinky & The Brain He-Man & She-ra Earnie & Bert Blossom & Six Bevis & Butthead Joey & Pacey