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Awesome Santa Blog Shares Children's Wishes for Christmas

Santa Says  Santa's Blog shares children's Christmas wishes and many aren't asking for toys: My Grandma’s nightgown has holes in it you can see through and I don’t like to, so she needs a new one, and her Mix Masters broke too. I want $500 to help Mommy pay all the bills because we are getting a little poor and she worries so much. You can skip all the toys this year. What I want is for my brother to get better, to speak and act like he used to and not have to take pills all the time. Can you make me magic? Dear Santa, will you let dad spean time with us. I need your help. Dear Santa, All I wish is to see my Grandpa for Christmas. Please for me. All I want is for my baby cousin Brandon to get better. Visit his blog to see what Santa Says!

Bedtime Woes: A Conversation with my 5-Year-Old

ME: You're NOT behaving and you told me that you would be good & follow directions. HER: I told you that, but I am trying. ME: I don't want to hear that you're trying! Go to bed right NOW! HER: I said I was trying to follow directions mom. I'm trying my best. That's all I can do mom, is try my best. ME: *Blank stare* .....GO TO BED!!! What is the deal with small children and bedtime? Even after a very busy day, when you know they should be tired, they just don't like bedtime.

How to Have a Perfectly Safe, Completely Normal Farmville Addiction

1.) Log onto Facebook. 2.) Notice that you have 25 game requests 3.) Click the Game Requests link. 4.) Say to yourself, "Geez, half of these requests are for Farmville. I haven't played that in like, forever." 5.) Start accepting the gifts. 6.) Send gifts back. 7.) Plant some crops. 8.) Notice that you're only on level 12. 9.) Begin playing more often. 10.) Harvest, plant, buy animals, get a chicken coop, hatch mystery eggs, build a stable and a pig pen. 11.) Increase your playing to everyday. 12.) Send your pigs on hunts & send truffles to neighboring farmers. 13.) Send gifts everyday. 14.) Play farmville when you can't sleep, when you are angry and when you are bored. 15.) Send gifts more than once a day, (since you have increased the amount of time that you spend playing). 16.) Expand your Dairy Farm, finally complete your beehive, let your pigeons fly, master wheat and cotton and place your animal trough. 17.) Notice that you've moved up several level

Throwback Thursdays: Duos I Loved

Ren & Stimpy Pinky & The Brain He-Man & She-ra Earnie & Bert Blossom & Six Bevis & Butthead Joey & Pacey

Wordless Wednesday

Well, maybe one word: LOSER

Halloween Cookies YaY!

Made these with my Little Ones: Basic Sugar Cookie Dough Recipe + Royal Icing + Children = Fun :)

Throwback Thursday: Half/Midriff Shirts vs. Skinny pants/suits

These days, some women are debating whether or not it is okay for their husband, boyfriend or men in general, to wear skinny legged pants. I've had this conversation on both Twitter and Facebook. I must admit that I agreed with some people stating, " Yeah I agree, I don't like the new skinny pants on men." But wait a minute, wasn't there a time when men walked around looking like this??? and this: Uh, yeah. In light of that throwback moment, I'm okay with the new look. (My mom has a photo of us at the park, some time in the early 80's and my dad has midriff shirt on, LoL)

CSN Stores Product Review

If you've never heard about CSN Stores, let me fill you in: The company, CSN Stores LLC, is an online retailer based in Boston. The company was created in 2002 and quickly grew to become one of the top 3 online U.S. retailers. The company has 200+ websites and 400+ employees. Some of their online stores are; You can find anything from entertainment stands to school supplies at CSN Stores . It's very much like having a shopping mall right at your fingertips. The Review: My lovely grandma gave me a "how-to" book about making fun cakes. My daughters REALLY wanted to make the butterfly shaped cake in the book. That was fine with me, but I needed new bakeware. I had thrown away my old 9" rounds because the finishing was coming off and they appeared rusty. I ordered the Silicone Solutions 5 Piece Burgundy Bakeware Set from CSN Stores . I had never cooked with Silicone B

Throwback Thursdays: The Smurfs

The Smurfs , one of the best cartoons of all time! Well, one of my favorites at least. I loved this cartoon so much that I tried to convince my mother to name my little sister after Smurfette. That didn't work. She instead convinced me that we could combine Tracy with Smurfette, and that could be the baby's middle name. My sister's middle name became Tracette. (My mommy was so nice. I really believed we made that name up). My favorite Smurfs were Smurfette , Brainy Smurf and Papa Smurf . The show would not have been complete without Gargamel and Gargamel would not have been complete without his cat! I don't remember if the cat had a name. I do remember however, that the Smurfs had their own little Smurf language. I miss that show. I might not have to miss it for too long though. Just like the rest of our old favorites, the Smurfs are making a comeback. Watch out, because in 2011 they're coming out with a Smurf movie! Check it out: The Smurf's Movie Trailer:

Wordless Wednesday: Uh,We Accept....

Image from: Dave's Daily

Rude Girl

My 5 year old has turned into a real live Mean Girl. She has spent a good part of summer vacation getting scolded about saying rude things to people. She has been saying things like this: You stink. Leave me alone with your fat behind! You're ugly. Your hair looks a mess. Your breathe stinks. You look all dirty. Get away from me. Ewe don't sit by me, you're nasty! AND MORE! She says these things to other children. So I started saying things like this: Hey! Watch your mouth. You don't talk to people like that! That's rude, you need to apologize, right now. You shouldn't say things like that to people, because it hurts their feelings. You don't want to make people feel bad do you? Saying those things didn't seem to help. Instead, it resulted in scenarios like this: My Daughter : Eeeelll!!! Your breathe stinks. Other person : *looks at her* My Daughter : Did it hurt your feelings when I said your breathe stinks? Other Person : Kind of. My Daughter : We

Throwback Thursdays: Teddy Ruxpin

Teddy Ruxpin, the talking Teddy Bear that included a cassette to put in his back. I thought this bear was amazing when I was little. I got him for Christmas and couldn't wait to put the tape in & watch him talk. He moved his mouth and blinked his eyes as he read you a story. That was one the best Christmas mornings I've ever had! If I remember correctly, it was Christmas of 1986 and our first Christmas in Oklahoma. I looked Teddy Ruxpin up online and they still make him! Check out this site: Teddy Ruxpin Store

Upcoming Review: CSN Stores

Look out for our upcoming review! I will be reviewing a product from CSN Stores. I have not yet decided which product I will review since there is so much to choose from. CSN Stores has 200+ online stores with a variety of items. I'm currently debating whether I should get a beautiful bedroom vanity for my daughter, or Bakeware. I'm thinking the Bakeware would be fun, because the girls really love helping out in kitchen. Just look at these beautiful vanities from CSN Stores: The only reason I might not go with the vanity is because I have my two daughters, plus my step-daughter. I would want them each to have their own, or have to get one big enough for them to share. Either way, this should be exciting, so check back later for the review!