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People, Places and Things

The people we surround ourselves with. I suppose it is a good idea to evaluate the people that you keep closest to you. Those that you would go above and beyond for. Maybe, one should consider if these same people would do the same for you. Are these people like you? What does their presence in your life mean? Are they helping you, hurting hurt, or having no effect at all. The places we go. We make the choice of where to go on any given day, or in life in general. Let's suppose you plan to go to Wal-Mart, and you know that you have to catch the number 7 bus to get there. You make your way to the bus stop, ride the bus and arrive at your destination. If only arriving at your life's destination could be as simple. Where are the people in your life going and where are you going with them? Are they leaving you behind, holding you back, or neither? The things that we do. What are the things that we do in life that hinder us? The things that lead to our success? Things that make us

Throwback Thursday: Books I Loved

I don't remember what grade I was in when I started reading the Boxcar Children Mysteries. All I remember is reading Volume One in school and having my mom purchase volume after volume, because I absolutely Loved these stories. Another series of books that I really liked was "The Babysitter's Club." I think I read up to volume 33 before losing interest. There was a Babysitters Club movie released. I didn't really like the movie, but I did want to start my own Babysitter's Club. That never happened, but the books were a joy to read anyway.

Throwback Thursdays: Rikki Tikki Tavi

If you don't know about Rikki Tikki Tavi you better go ask somebody! LoL Just kidding. I found it online & you can watch for free. So exited! Here's the link to the video: Watch Rikki Tikki Tavi Online

Throwback Thursdays: My Favorite Characters, From When Cartoon Characters Didn't Talk Much

These are my favorite cartoon characters from back in the day. These are from when cartoons were funny even without much dialogue. My Favorites Characters: Pink Panther Wiley Coyote Gossamer My Favorite Character Duos: Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - ("Duck Season!" "Wabbit Season!" LoL) Tom and Jerry Sylvester and Tweety Note that the Road Runner is not in either list, "beep beep."

Nadya Suleman & The Octuplets On the Today's Show

I think Nadya makes a lot of sense when she talks about accepting your mistakes and moving on. It's always a bad idea to use your energy dwelling on negativity. I like Nadya. She made a mistake, but I think she really gets more negative attention & bashing than she deserves. Visit for breaking news , world news , and news about the economy Click Here! For a slideshow of Nadya Suleman & the Octuplets

The Clothespin at Centre Square

Located at 15th & Market Streets, Philadelphia, PA. Across the street from City Hall.

Places in Philly: The Liberty Bell Center

The photo above is the Independence Visitor's Center located across the street from the Liberty Bell Center. The Visitor center is located at 6th and Market Streets and they are open 363 days a year from 8:30am to 5pm. The Liberty Bell Center is located on Market Street between 5th and 6th Streets. The photos below begin with the outside of the center. Exhibits outside of the Liberty Bell Center Inside the Center: The Bell was first called the "Liberty Bell" by a group trying to outlaw slavery. In the 1800s, the Liberty Bell traveled around the country to expositions and fairs to help heal the divisions of the Civil War. The actual Bell No one knows what caused the bell to crack. The first bell cracked not long after it arrived in Philadelphia from London. In 1753 a new bell was cast using the metal from the English bell. By 1846 another crack had began to affect the bell's sound. The bell was repaired in 1846 and it was rung for George Washington's birthday cele

Places In Philly: Stephen Girard Park

This park is home to many squirrels and a great place to walk your dog. But me, I like to come here when I'm in a bad mood. On days like today, I can just sit under a tree and enjoy the breeze. It's serene. Sent from my Cricket mobile device

Places in Philly: Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park's New Playground

If you've read my previous blog post about FDR Park in South Philadelphia, then you already know how wonderful this park is. It's a great place for leisure and family fun. The park's playground has recently recieved a serious upgrade! The old playground here: Has been transformed into this super fun playgroud below! My children love, LOVE this new playground. I personally think the old one was fine, and my favorite activity is still, feeding the ducks :) To read my previous blog post click here: FDR Park aka The Lakes

How Green is Your Routine?

Are you ecologically friendly? The Global Footprint Network has a great way for you to find out just how green your routine really is. *Click here to take a quiz and see how eco-friendly you really are* The above link will take you to Global Footprint Network's website where you can take a quiz to determine your ecological footprint. I thought that I was doing pretty good before I took this quiz back in January. I found out that if everyone lived like I do, we would need three planet Earths to sustain us! Sounds crazy right? Well, what's even crazier is that right now, our country's ecological footprint is even higher than that. It would take over 5 planets to sustain us if everyone lived like the average US citizen. Since January, I've been making big steps to change my ecological footprint. I'll be sharing those steps in upcoming blog posts.

TVs with Knobs & No Remote Control

My mother gave me a flash back yesterday. She called me to come from out of my comfortable position on the couch, walk all the way upstairs and turn off her lamp. Wow! I thought to myself. It reminded me of a story my dad used to tell me. Well, perhaps it was more of a lecture than a story. It went something like this: "Juanita, I know you're not whining because I told you to get the remote off the top of the TV. Back when I was a kid my mom would call me from upstairs. I would have to stop playing and walk all the way downstairs to change the channel for her. Then, I had to stand there, and keep turning the knob until I found something she liked." Now, when my dad was a kid, remote controls and color TVs did exist. But he says that he was so poor that they had a black & white TV and no remote. (He was a black kid in North Philadelphia, from the projects, with no father in his life, so he's probably telling the truth). Well anyway, I broke the news to my children

Volunteering with the Wissahickon Restoration Volunteers

I went to the Wissahickon on April 9th, 2011 and planted trees with the Wissahickon Restoration Volunteers and students from the University of Pennsylvania. There were 35 trees that needed to be planted. There were flags marking where the trees were to be planted. Our group picked the spot where we would plant our first tree. We had to do a little invasive plant removal to clear away three feet around where the tree would be planted. Most of it had been removed already and the dead vines of the plants were everywhere. We also had to dig up the root of the invasive plant that was in the spot where the tree would go. Once the invasive was removed and the hole was dug. We planted the tree. The first tree we planted was a Hackberry Tree. The Hackberry Tree produces berries and it’s a good food and shelter tree for wildlife. The second tree we planted was a White Oak Tree. The White Oak is going to grow big and also provide shelter and food for wildlife. After we planted the trees we then

Calculate Energy Loss – Vampire Power Tips

I just tried this online activity to see how much energy is being wasted in my household. Check it out and get your results: Calculate Energy Loss – Vampire Power Tips

Throwback Thursdays: ALF

Who can forget ALF? The TV Show about an extraterrestrial who crash-lands himself into a life with the Tanner family. ALF's real name is Gordon Shumway, and he's the last survivor from the planet Melmac. Willie Tanner gives him the nickname ALF, which is short for Alien Life Form. The Tanner's are nice enough to take ALF into their home and hide him from the Military's Alian Task Force, but during his time there ALF drives them crazy. He breaks things and tries to eat their cat. His behavior doesn't stop the Tanner's from making him a permanent member of their family. It was a really funny Sitcom from the late 80s. Check out some these short YouTube videos:

We've all met the Duggars, but have you met The Bateses?

I think they may be the second largest family in America. With 18 children and counting, the Bateses are being labeled as the Duggars rivals. However, the Bateses and Duggars are actually acquaintances. Check out the video as Brian Owens of ABC News meets the family: