How Green is Your Routine?

by - April 28, 2011

Are you ecologically friendly? The Global Footprint Network has a great way for you to find out just how green your routine really is.

*Click here to take a quiz and see how eco-friendly you really are*
The above link will take you to Global Footprint Network's website where you can take a quiz to determine your ecological footprint.

I thought that I was doing pretty good before I took this quiz back in January. I found out that if everyone lived like I do, we would need three planet Earths to sustain us! Sounds crazy right? Well, what's even crazier is that right now, our country's ecological footprint is even higher than that. It would take over 5 planets to sustain us if everyone lived like the average US citizen. Since January, I've been making big steps to change my ecological footprint. I'll be sharing those steps in upcoming blog posts.

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