TVs with Knobs & No Remote Control

by - April 28, 2011

My mother gave me a flash back yesterday. She called me to come from out of my comfortable position on the couch, walk all the way upstairs and turn off her lamp. Wow! I thought to myself. It reminded me of a story my dad used to tell me. Well, perhaps it was more of a lecture than a story. It went something like this:

"Juanita, I know you're not whining because I told you to get the remote off the top of the TV. Back when I was a kid my mom would call me from upstairs. I would have to stop playing and walk all the way downstairs to change the channel for her. Then, I had to stand there, and keep turning the knob until I found something she liked."

Now, when my dad was a kid, remote controls and color TVs did exist. But he says that he was so poor that they had a black & white TV and no remote. (He was a black kid in North Philadelphia, from the projects, with no father in his life, so he's probably telling the truth).

Well anyway, I broke the news to my children yesterday. I told them all about TVs without remote controls, with knobs and even about black & white TV. They looked at me like I was weird. So I showed them the old TV in my mom's basement. I'll have to go back over there and get a pic to post later. The images I've provided are from the TV History website.

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