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Time to Rebuild

Why do we give ourselves to people who don't deserve us?  It changes us.   It chips away at us piece by piece until we are shaped into something else;  something different.   We don't even recognize the old person.   Who was that girl?   My, how she's changed. I feel like everytime that I've accepted something I didn't deserve it took away from who I was.   I don't know when I started allowing people to treat me so badly.   It just sort of happened and then it never stopped. I guess it doesn't really matter when I started it, what matters is that I stop.   I'm done letting people take from me!  My time, my love, my attention; is valuable.   I will not let anyone else hurt me, or make me feel like I am beaneath them.  It hurts so much when the person you love makes you feel like you are nothing.  I've decided, that's over.  It's time to rebuild.  And rebuild, I shall.