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Why You Shouldn't Entertain Your Ex if You're Trying to Move On

Breaking up with someone is hard, especially if you had a strong connection with them. While it's important to move on after a breakup, some people don't seem to get the memo. They try to stay in touch with their exes, even though the relationship is over. But the question is, why do they do it? And more importantly, why shouldn't you entertain their efforts? It's a Delaying Tactic: Men who try to stay in touch with their exes are simply delaying the inevitable. They don't want to let go completely, so they keep themselves in the picture, hoping that their exes will eventually change their minds. This tactic can delay the healing process for both parties involved, and it's not fair to either of them. The sooner you cut ties with your ex, the faster you can move on with your life. It Shows a Lack of Respect: Men who try to stay in touch with their exes don't always realize that they are not showing respect for their former partner's decision to end the r

Three Reasons Why an Emotionally Unavailable Man is Not Right for You

As women, we often find ourselves drawn to men who are emotionally unavailable. It's like a magnet that we can't resist. We try to prove we're worth their attention, we want to heal them, and we believe we can change them. Unfortunately, this usually ends in frustration, heartbreak, and wasted time. The reality is that an emotionally unavailable man is one of three things: not focused on building a relationship, not healed from his last relationship, or not interested in emotionally investing in you. In this post, we'll touch on each of these reasons briefly. 1) Not focused on building a relationship - When a man is not focused on building a relationship, it means he's not ready for one. He may be at a stage in his life where he's more interested in his career, hobbies, or personal goals. He may have just ended a long-term relationship or be in the middle of a divorce. Whatever the reason, he's not in the headspace to put effort into a relationship. Some wo

Time Waits for No Man, Why Are You Trying to?

Ladies, we have all been there, we have all invested into a man who couldn't appreciate us. Time is a precious commodity that never stops ticking away. It doesn't matter if you're rich, poor, young, or old, time waits for no man. As women, we often find ourselves wasting our valuable time on men who do not deserve it. Those men who are not willing to put in the effort or match our level of commitment, leaving us feeling drained and unfulfilled. We believe that if we stick around and continue to pour more into him, he will eventually turn around and see how amazing we are. But unfortunately, that's not always the case. Time waits for no man, and it's time for us to stop wasting it on someone who isn't worth it. He wasted your love, your money, and your energy, while you hoped that he would turn into someone worthy of your time. You must accept that if he hasn't gotten it together by now, he won't get it together any time soon. It's tempting to keep wa