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2022 Year-end Reflection Questions

I find self-reflection to be an important part of my healing journey.  It helps me become more aware of my accomplishments and my growth.  The end of the year is a great time for reflecting.  I have eight end-of-year reflection questions that I use.  These questions help me analyze myself, my experiences, my perception, my interactions and my actions.  This inturn helps me realize all the good that has happened over the past year.  It helps me realize my growth and gives me a sense of improvement.  At the same time, it lets me know where I need to improve.  Here are the eight questions I use for end-to-year reflection:  1. How did I take care of my body, mind, and soul? 2. What am I most grateful for? 3. What was my greatest challenge? 4. What did I have to accept? 5. What did I let go of that didn't serve me? 6. Who do I need to thank for their role in my life? 7. How did I break out of my comfort zone? 8. What am I most proud of? What are some year-end reflection questions that y

The 10 Steps to Higher Purpose

Higher Purpose is not a wish list Higher Purpose is not fantasy playing Higher Purpose is not created by others; it begins with you. When someone is living in their Higher Purpose it transitions their whole way of BEING. We are fully alive and inspired. We do not just feel satisfaction, we feel fulfilled, filled with possibilities, humbled and peaceful beyond imagination. When we are not living our Higher Purpose we tend to feel unsure of ourselves, hesitant with our choices and inner duality. We possibly flounder or spend lots of time and energy on our results or forced outcomes for validation of how we feel rather than really enjoying the living and fullness that life has to offer. Knowing your Higher Purpose is not about results or "doing"- those are by-products of Higher Purpose Living. Higher Purpose is about the whom we were born to be. The first step to move into Higher Purpose Living is identification. Here is a worksheet designed to help you begin to understand yours

Getting the Most Out Of Every Day

Photo by Bekka Mongeau In the movie Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams urges his students to 'Carpe Diem' or 'Seize the Day'. In other words, wake up, pay attention to the now; don't spend one more minute living in auto control. I would like to fine tune that sentiment and change it to 'Direct your Day'. Seizing suggests grabbing hold of it, grasping, snatching and clutching the day. A lot of action but where is it heading? Directing suggests navigation, plotting your course so that you are moving in the direction of your outcomes or goals. Every day upon waking simply set an intention or a series of intentions for the day. 1. Today let me watch for the lessons that are presented me. 2. Today let me be there for someone who needs me. 3. Today let me practice self love 4. Today let me move steadily towards my outcome of ____________ I spent a week recently where it seemed that those nearest and dearest to me did nothing but whine about their jobs. I listened

The Power of Thought: Attention! Thought Crossing!

A Personal Question:  What are you thinking - right now?  "I'm reading your article!" you say.  Well, take a little bit of a closer look. What's spinning in the back of your mind? Is it that big deadline that's looming at the end of the week? Or how you're going to deal with your mother-in-law this weekend? Or maybe you're worrying about your finances? Are you even aware of the thoughts going through your head right now?  What about... now? Some Bad News From the Thought Police Scientists estimate that an average person will think at a rate of roughly between 1 and 4 thoughts per second while awake. That's well over 60,000 thoughts during a typical day! And, of all this jabbering going on in your head, it's estimated that you've thought over 95% of your thoughts before. So, not only is your mind generally on a constant hamster wheel, but it's also doing this spinning continuously, unproductively - and unoriginally. The Power Between Your Ea

Creating Magic: Beliefs and Make-Believe, A Life and Holiday Season Make-Over

Photo by Rahul Pandit Where's the magic? When was the last time you got up in the morning brimming with excitement, unable to keep still because of all the exuberant possibilities that the day ahead was holding for you? All those fun adventures, mischievous plans, playful projects... Kids will often experience this kind of unbearable excitement for the day ahead - for life itself. They have not yet taken on so many beliefs about life that many of us, adults, have accumulated over the years. What are your beliefs, the messages playing in your head? Tune in, look at what's there. Is it something like: life is hard; you don't get anything for free; you work hard and then you die; it's always a struggle; you have to pay your dues; you have to take things seriously; life isn't fair; my life stinks; I never get a break...? You've probably had these, or other variations of such thoughts spinning through your mind at various points - either consciously or not. And what&