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A Breath of Fresh Air

It is a breath of fresh air just to know that organizations like this exist. Check out this video from The Fresh Air Fund: The Fresh Air Fund is an organization that gives inner-city youth, from low-income families living in New York City, an opportunity to experience life in the country or suburbs. The program allows these children to enjoy a FREE, Fresh Air Vacation for two weeks in the summer. Right Now, The Fresh Air Fund is in need of Host Families. If you live in any of the participating states (listed below), and if you have room in your home and in your heart, please open your door to a child this summer. Contact The Fresh Air Fund for more details on becoming a host family. There are no financial obligations and hosts get to choose the age group and gender of the child they will bring into their home. So if you have an eight year old daughter, you could host a girl in that age group to hang out with your little girl and vacation at your home for two weeks. The Fresh Air Fund

Happy Earth Day!

Let's all do our part and take action to protect and preserve our world :) Here are a couple of things you can do to make a difference: 1.) Switch out your inefficient lights bulbs to Compact Flouresent Light bulbs and convince a friend to do the same. 2.) Make a pledge to save energy at home. (The following steps are from the E.P.A. ) Turn off appliances and lights when you leave the room. Use the microwave to cook small meals. (It uses less power than an oven.) Purchase "green power" for your home's electricity. (Contact your power supplier to see where and if it is available.) Have leaky air conditioning and refrigeration systems repaired. Cut back on air conditioning and heating use if you can. Insulate your home, water heater and pipes. Things I am doing: Switched out the bulbs, making sure I continue to recycle, got rid of the car awhile ago and I am using Philly Car Share (most of their cars are Hybrids) and I'm taking the bus too. This means I drive le

Tabi's 13th B-Day

For Tabi's 13th b-day I took her out shopping, and to get her pictures taken. Then she had a sleep-over later that evening. Early that morning. Photos taken at the Gallery: Children at the party singing Happy Birthday. (I don't know why she's looking down at her phone) A bunch of girls in the kitchen. My house was so crowded. Tabi & Puff dipping ice cream. Naeemah & Salimah eating yummy cake. The little girlies. Gifts were pretty much just gift certificates and cards. This one is a gift cert. for Borders, I thought that was a good one :)

Glory's Picture Day

Glorious had her first picture day on 3/11/2009. These are her first professional pictures since her newborn photo. The outfit Waiting for mommy... Getting her hair done. Getting ready to leave. "Bye-bye daddy, gotta go!" The Finished Photos: