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Places In Philly: Stephen Girard Park

This park is home to many squirrels and a great place to walk your dog. But me, I like to come here when I'm in a bad mood. On days like today, I can just sit under a tree and enjoy the breeze. It's serene. Sent from my Cricket mobile device

Places in Philly: Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park's New Playground

If you've read my previous blog post about FDR Park in South Philadelphia, then you already know how wonderful this park is. It's a great place for leisure and family fun. The park's playground has recently recieved a serious upgrade! The old playground here: Has been transformed into this super fun playgroud below! My children love, LOVE this new playground. I personally think the old one was fine, and my favorite activity is still, feeding the ducks :) To read my previous blog post click here: FDR Park aka The Lakes