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Fashion Designers won't Dress Melania Trump - But why?

Yesterday, Tom Ford joined a growing list of high-end designers refusing to dress the soon to be First Lady, Melania Trump. I am not sure why they are doing this.  I honestly think its kind of stupid. This is how I see it: A Yugoslavia girl who had a modest upbringing lands an international modeling contract at the age of 18 and builds a successful modeling career that lands her in New York City by the age of 26 attending affairs with New York's elite.  She then meets her future husband at age 28 and gets married at 35. She becomes a mother at age 36, with enough excitement under her belt, and money in her accounts to settle into motherhood quite nicely.  Her son will have the best education and live in the most afluent neighborhoods.  Then, on top of having an already fabulous life, she is soon to make history as the only foreign born First Lady of the USA. I think that's pretty damn awesome!  I am not about to judge this woman based off of who her husband is. Mela

How Hillary Clinton lost the Respect of the People, and the Election

A lot of people I know are unhappy with the outcome of this past election.  They're blaming Libertarians, they're blaming the Green Party and they're blaming people who didn't vote.  But the only person they should be blaming is Hillary Clinton. Clinton's campaign had more funding than any other candidate running in the primary and in the general election.  Hillary Clinton had more experience than any other candidate running in the primary and in the general election.  The Clinton's were well-established politicians that had a lot of support from democrats, because of their years in public service.  This should have been a cake walk. In 2015 when she announced that she would be running for president both my husband and myself were happy supporters.  Hillary offered pretty much the same platform as the candidate before her with less enthusiasm.  And if Bernie Sanders had not run for president then perhaps a self-righteous, typical Democratic politician wit

Places in Philly: Nook

One of my favorite cafe's to visit in this city is Nook. It has a very nice atmosphere. The drinks are delicious especially the chai latte,and I love love the chocolate loaf! I have some photos from different times when I visited. I believe someone told me that the art work was painted by the owner, or someone in the family. I can't recall. I'll have to ask again when I go back.

"Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper"

Once upon a time, America forgot that Beyonce is black: Then she reminded them: Everyone got upset 😡 Then they got the f*ck over it: Like I said before, no one really cared about Pete King's opinion.   I love Beyonce! Click images to view source.

Places in Philly: Merlino's Hoagies

Merlino's Hoagies is located at 1501 Ellsworth St Philadelphia, PA 19146. I stopped by Merlino's the other day, because it had been a couple years since I'd been there. They're still the best in South Philly. I think they're the best in Philly, period. The store has been in business since the early 1900s. The Original sign is still displayed outside. This is a place with a reputation so good, that they don't have to spend money on advertising. They don't even have to spend money on making the place look modern, or flashy. The food speaks for its self! The meats and cheese are so fresh. The rolls are awesome. If you are watching your carb intake, they do make sandwhiches on white, or wheat bread. If you are visiting South Philly get your hoagies from Merlino's. You will not be disappointed. Visit Merlino's Facebook Page:  Melino's Hoagies  

East Coast Snow Storm (Saturday 1-23-16)

I did not leave my house today, but I heard that there are piles of snow out there that are my height, and the cars on Snyder were completely covered. My children are loco, so they were out there with their friends.

MANNA - Delivering Nourishment, Improving Health

On MLK Day I volunteered my time at MANNA. I don't usually blog about my volunteer work. I think this is the second post I've ever done about volunteering and I started this blog in 2008. The last time I blogged about volunteer work I was talking about the Wissahickon and restoring the forest. That was a really good experience and it inspired me to teach the children more about the Earth and taking care of it. Monday I went to MANNA with some co-workers to do volunteer work. I had heard of MANNA, and I knew they were a non-profit, but I did not know their story.  MANNA cooks nutritious, medically-appropriate meals for people batteling life threatening diseases like  cancer, renal disease and HIV/AIDS. Not only do they cook the meals, but they also deliver the meals to the patient's doorsteps, and they counsel clients on how to prep their own meals according to their ailments.  MANNA has a full commercial kitchen full of volunteers chopping, cooking, packaging and