MANNA - Delivering Nourishment, Improving Health

by - January 20, 2016

On MLK Day I volunteered my time at MANNA. I don't usually blog about my volunteer work. I think this is the second post I've ever done about volunteering and I started this blog in 2008. The last time I blogged about volunteer work I was talking about the Wissahickon and restoring the forest. That was a really good experience and it inspired me to teach the children more about the Earth and taking care of it.
Monday I went to MANNA with some co-workers to do volunteer work. I had heard of MANNA, and I knew they were a non-profit, but I did not know their story. 
MANNA cooks nutritious, medically-appropriate meals for people batteling life threatening diseases like cancer, renal disease and HIV/AIDS. Not only do they cook the meals, but they also deliver the meals to the patient's doorsteps, and they counsel clients on how to prep their own meals according to their ailments. 
MANNA has a full commercial kitchen full of volunteers chopping, cooking, packaging and labeling meals specific to people's diets. It was a lot of work, but it was so fulfilling. When you know the history of the organization and their mission, and you're in the kitchen looking around, you just feel so inspired. It really is a beautiful thing. I was very happy working at MANNA and I plan to take my older children back the next time I go. 
All together volunteers prepared about 1500 meals on MLK Day.
Please take a moment to learn more about MANNA and their mission:

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