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Bratz Big Kidz Music Stars

I tried my hardest to catch these dollies on sale this year. I planned to buy four. One for each of the girls. But they were selling out like crazy. My daughters just love Brat dolls. I don't know why. They have big heads, they break much easier than Barbie and they seriously overdue it on make-up.

I was happy when MGA came up with the Bratz Kidz Dolls. These dolls don't where as much make-up. What I liked most about these Big Kidz, is that they are NOT dressed in slutty clothes. Although Yasmin's outfit still shows a little tummy,
it is much more appropriate than others I have seen on this brand of doll.

So anyway, as I searched the net for the new Bratz Big Kidz Music Stars,
I could not find Sasha anywhere. I found the Bratz Big Kidz Snap-On Doll Sasha (who's skirt is way too short),

but I could not find the Music Stars doll. I checked everywhere I could think of, (in the US) and found nothing. However, while searching the net I found that many stores in the UK had this doll. Toys R Us in the US did not have it in stores or on the net, but Toys R Us' UK website had the doll. I would really like to know how they go about choosing which country to sell which dolls and why Sasha, one of the main four Bratz in not being sold here in the US. I wanted this doll specifically for my ethnically challenged, almost step-daughter. She's cambodian and black, but she always talks about white people. All the time. She's like white people this and white people that, and my hair looks like white people hair if I wear it like this. She even told us that her mom looks white sometimes, which is absolutely not true. She's asked me not to braid my daughter's hair and to leave it out. I try talking to her about this.

It's crazy. You're supposed to teach your children to be proud of who they are and to embrace their culture. Whether you're black, white, latina or whatever. We're all just people and we should teach our children that they are beautiful no matter what. No black child should want to be white, no white child should try to be black, no mixed child should try to choose between one race. Just be who you are and be proud. This is what I teach my children.

So anyway, I was going to give her Jade since Sasha wasn't available, but I didn't want to seem offensive. Like I was just giving her Jade because Jade is Asian. I'm ready to just nix the whole idea, grab Yasmin for my 7-year and call it a day.


  1. Still not a big fan of the bratz...due to the make up and slutty clothes. So far have done a pretty good job of shielding my little one from them...but I know the day is coming. I have seen a couple of them not being so ho-ish.

  2. I still say if I was a little girl, I would have flipped out over these dolls!

  3. Mattel won the lawsuit against the dolls. I would get whatever bratz dolls you can get your hands on, because they will be collectors items.

  4. Christie, I agree with how you feel about their clothing and make-up. I think they fashioned these dolls to look like video ho's. But I try finding the ones that have a little more clothes on.

    Arlice, I have three dughters of my own and they all flip out over these dolls.

    cb, the whole lawsuit thing is exactly why I was trying to get these dolls this year. (I may get some for myself and put them away)I'm waiting to see what happens with the appeal.

  5. No more Bratz dolls after the holidays. It looks as if Mattel will win their battle to get them removed from store shelves early in the new year.

    This week I wrote a blog post about toys for little girls these days:

  6. Thanks for commenting!

    I know Mattel won the law suit and Bratz could be pulled from shelves. I was thinking that maybe Mattel would work it out where they could profit from the dolls rather than pull them from the shelves.

    I'll check out your blog today. I'm still shopping this week so maybe I'll find some gift ideas.

  7. I found Chloe at a Big Kmart and found Yasmin and the others at Ebay. Keep looking and remain blessed !

  8. Thanks, I'll check out Ebay!

    The Kmart here didn't have them :(

  9. yea bratz kinda do my nut a little. My lil girl who is nrly 5 loves them although I am not so convinced by them. I hope by the time she is 7 she has outgrown them! x

  10. Thanks for commenting Emmie!

    My oldest daughter is 12, and she is upset about the Barbie/Bratz lawsuit. She loves her Bratz Dolls and hasn't out grown them yet, so you may have a longer wait before your daughter out grows them.

    It's different with all girls I guess. From a mother's point of view, you and I pretty much feel the same.


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