Awesome Santa Blog Shares Children's Wishes for Christmas

by - December 23, 2010

Santa Says Santa's Blog shares children's Christmas wishes and many aren't asking for toys:

My Grandma’s nightgown has holes in it you can see through and I don’t like to, so she needs a new one, and her Mix Masters broke too.
I want $500 to help Mommy pay all the bills because we are getting a little poor and she worries so much.
You can skip all the toys this year. What I want is for my brother to get better, to speak and act like he used to and not have to take pills all the time.
Can you make me magic?
Dear Santa, will you let dad spean time with us. I need your help.
Dear Santa, All I wish is to see my Grandpa for Christmas. Please for me.
All I want is for my baby cousin Brandon to get better.
Visit his blog to see what Santa Says!

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