The Very First, All Diamond Ring

by - March 23, 2012

Shawish Jewelry, a company based in Switzerland, has created the very first all diamond ring. Ladies, this is a 150 carat diamond ring that compares to no other. It is one of a kind, all diamond. I mean like, the band and everything. Pure diamond, nothing else. Just beautiful! It's worth $70 million.

Jewelers at Shawish took about a year to design the diamond ring and have already obtained the copyright for their design, so don't expect to see any copycat make-ups of this baby.

Shawish jewelers calls their diamond beauty, "The World's First Diamond Ring." It's definitely worthy of the title. There was never a diamond ring, until this one. (The others were gold and diamond).

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  1. soo pretty, thats a lot of money!

  2. I think a diamond like that is really worth the name! This is a really unique piece of jewelry. I mean, who else in the world has a ring that’s made from one whole diamond? There’s a bigger question here, though: who will buy the ring for $70 million? I mean the one who buys it will either keep it or give it to someone really special. Just imagine the look of the woman who gets this for a wedding ring!