Good Things are Coming!

by - October 27, 2017

What a day! Look at my hands! I was leaving a meeting at our corporate office in Souderton when my tire got a big 'ol hole in it!! 😞 I was able to pull over at Wawa when I noticed the Low PSI warning, but when I got out of the car I could hear air seeping out!!  Their air pump would not do.  Fix-a-flat would not do.  I don't have AAA (anymore ☹).  I would have to get out the donut 🍩 and change the tire myself!!! 😭😭😭😒.   "This will definitely delay my afternoon meeting in Mt. Airy," I thought.  Not to mention, my outfit looked really cute!  Plus, I did my hair & make-up so nice!! 😍 Even the security guard noticed when I got to Souderton this morning she was like, "You look different. Did you straighten your hair? It looks good!"

The last time I had to change my own car tire I was 21!!  And even then someone pulled over and helped.  No such luck today. 😠  I guess I didn't look cute enough! 😮 

After it took me like, FOREVER to change the tire, I was just not feeling this day anymore. I had dirty hands and black stuff on my clothes 😞.  I finally got on the road just to get stuck in traffic 😒.  I went home.  Meeting post-poned.  All I can think now is that I must be due for an incredible blessing soon!! 😁  This has been the worst birthday month of my life! Everything happened! One thing, after another, after another.  Crazy!  BUT "If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm."  Good things are coming!  I can feel it. 💖

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