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6 Ways to Make Your Man Feel Loved

Too often, we think of romance as something that only women want and need - sending flowers, holding hands, saying sweet nothings. But men want to feel connected to and loved by their partners too! Loving gestures can look different for each person but being romantic doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Sometimes the simplest things can make all the difference in making your man feel loved and appreciated! 

Photo by Keira Burton

Here are six things you can do to make your man feel loved:

1. Show Interest in His Thoughts and Feelings.  Men love it when the woman in their life takes an interest in their thoughts and feelings. Ask him questions about his day, his hopes and dreams, his innermost thoughts and feelings. Genuinely listen to his answers without judgement or criticism.

2. Give Him Your Undivided Attention. When He’s Talking It’s so easy to get caught up in our own lives and forget to show our partners that we are fully present when they talk to us. Show your man that he has your undivided attention by looking into his eyes while he speaks and listening with empathy and understanding.

3. Express Appreciation for Small Things He Does. A little bit of appreciation goes a long way! Tell him how much you appreciate the small things he does for you such as taking out the trash or running errands for you. People need for feel appreciated and your man is no different. Studies have actually shown that couples who often thank each other and express appreciation have longer lasting relationships.

4. Ask Questions That Encourage Him To Open Up. Everyone needs an opportunity to open up about their true thoughts and feelings without fear of being judged or criticized - even men! Be the safe space where he can go to discuss how he feels when he's ready to do that. Ask him questions that encourage him to get vulnerable with you such as "What was the hardest moment of your day?" or "Are you feeling okay?" Ask him questions about problems he may have already mentioned to see if they were resolved. If he doesn't want to discuss it the moment that fine too. Just let him know you'll be there whenever he needs someone to talk to.

5. Demonstrate That You Understand Him Through Empathy. Showing empathy means putting yourself in someone else's shoes, feeling what they feel, understanding what makes them tick - all things which will lead to a deeper connection between the two of you! Listen carefully when he talks about something that is important to him, then respond with “I understand” rather than offering judgement or advice (unless asked!).

6. Celebrate What Connects You To Each Other. Romance doesn’t always have to be over-the-top gestures; sometimes it's simply celebrating special moments together like sharing a cup of coffee or watching a movie on the couch cuddled up together under a blanket! Quality time with just the two of you is important. Make sure these moments are full of laughter, joy, and love - this will help keep your connection strong for years to come!

At its core, romance is all about connection! It's not about gifts and dinner. The simplest things can make all the difference in making your man feel loved and appreciated! Expressing interest in what he is thinking and feeling, giving him your undivided attention, thanking him for something he said/did and allowing him a safe space to be open, will make him fill loved. It's not about grand gestures for men. Simply celebrating those special moments together where both of you feel connected on a deep level - will go much further than a two hour dinner or a box of chocolates.


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