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How to Create a Romantic Valentine Room for Your Special Someone

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if you're still scrambling for a way to make your significant other feel special this year, why not go the extra mile and create a romantic room for them to come home to? This doesn't have to be an expensive or complicated process, in fact, it can be done on a budget with a little creativity. In this blog post, we'll go over the steps to create a truly special romantic space for your special someone, and show you how easy it is to bring a little extra love to your Valentine's Day this year. Step one: Start by ordering a Valentine Balloon kit from Amazon ahead of time. This will give you a head start on decorating your space with some fun Valentine's Day decor without having to run around town trying to find the perfect decorations. The balloons in these kits usually come in red, pink, and white, and have messages such as "I Love You" and "Be Mine" printed on them. You can choose different sizes,

Valentine's Day - 5 Gift Ideas for Him

Hey ladies, Valentine's Day is just around the corner and while it's supposed to be a day of love, a lot of times it ends up being all about us. This is the one holiday that can seem a bit one-sided. So let me remind you; men want to feel loved and appreciated too! You don't have to go all-out with grand gestures, but here are five great gift ideas that will make Valentine's Day feel special for him too! 1. Buy, or pre-order a game he has been wanting, or get him a gift card. This is going to tell him two things. The first thing it will tell him is that you are paying attention to his interests. The second is that you put thought and effort into his gift. If your man is not a video gamer, then get him a gift card to his favorite place. This could be anything from a coffee shop he visits every morning, to a gift card for playing golf. It's all about showing you pay attention and you care. 2. Plan a day out doing something he loves Valentine's Day doesn't have

Dating After 40: How To Approach It Differently

Age is just a number, and you're never too old to find love. But let's be real: dating after 40 can be a bit daunting. If you're single and dating in your 40s, you know that your patience, intuition, and emotional needs have changed over time, and so should your dating approach. It's important to take a step back and reevaluate your priorities before jumping back into the dating scene. Here are some tips on how to approach dating after 40. Create A List Of Priorities And Deal Breakers Before starting to look for a partner, make sure you have a clear idea of what you're looking for. Take some time to think about your priorities in a relationship. What are the qualities you want in a partner? What are your deal breakers? Things like being a cat or dog person, smoking preferences, or having kids can be important factors that determine the compatibility with a potential partner. Having a clear idea of what you want from a relationship will help you navigate the dating s

Dating After 40: Why You Deserve a Man Who's Done the Work

Women in their 40s should have a different outlook on dating than those in their younger years. As we age, our priorities should change. What once seemed like an exciting project or a new endeavor may now feel like a waste of time. We reach a point where we no longer have time for "projects." And that includes men who don't have their shit together. A man must be stable, both financially and emotionally. We've invested time and energy building ourselves up and we deserve a partner who has done the same.  Once you reach a certain age, you can no longer afford to invest your time and energy into someone who isn't on the same page as you.  You've spent years working on yourself and improving your life. You've invested time and money into your education, career, and personal growth. You've learned the importance of taking care of your physical and mental health. So why should you settle for a man who hasn't done the same? A man who has done the work is

Invest in Men Who Invest in Themselves

Many women fall into the trap of settling for men who are not growing emotionally or mentally. So, today we're exploring the importance of investing in a partner who invests in themselves. We will look at the five warning signs that a man is not growing and why settling for less can be detrimental to your happiness. If you are ready to prioritize your own growth and fulfillment in a relationship, keep reading. Unwilling to be accountable A man who is not willing to take responsibility for his actions or mistakes is not growing. He may blame others for his problems, make excuses, or refuse to admit when he's wrong. This lack of accountability can cause major problems in a relationship, leading to mistrust, resentment, and emotional distance. If your partner is unwilling to be accountable, it's essential to have an honest conversation about how you feel and set clear boundaries. Unaware of his faults A man who doesn't recognize his faults and limitations is not growing. H

When He Wants Your Body and Not Your Heart

There's nothing wrong with being physical with your partner, whether it's holding hands, cuddling, or kissing. However, when a man is only after your body and not your heart, he will show signs that can be easy to miss. It's important to recognize these signs to protect ourselves from being used and giving ourselves to the wrong people. If he's doing these things he may be using your for sex.  His touch is always sexual When you're in the company of a man who is only after your body, his touch will always have a sexual undertone. He'll initiate physical contact with the sole purpose of getting you into bed. You'll notice that his hand on your thigh or your shoulder will linger longer than necessary. If you're not comfortable with this type of physical contact, it's best to set boundaries with him sooner rather than later. He's not interested in intimate conversations A man who's interested in your heart will want to get to know you on a deepe

A Weak Man Hates Anything that Challenges Him to Be Better

We all come across weak men who blame others for their shortcomings. These men struggle with accountability and reject anything that challenges them to be better. In essence, they are narcissistic and self-centered. It is not easy to deal with such men, especially if you are in a relationship with them. Weak men often have fragile egos, and anything that threatens their fragile sense of self is perceived as a threat. We have to understand that these men are not secure within themselves, and they rely on external validation to feel good about themselves. Therefore, when you try to challenge them to be better, they feel like you are attacking them, and they become defensive. They cannot handle criticism, and they struggle with personal growth. One of the reasons why weak men struggle with personal growth is that they are afraid of change. They are comfortable in their current ways, and they are not willing to step out of their comfort zones. They fear the unknown, and they do not want to

Stop Dating Needy Men. You're not the Goodwill

Ladies, it's time to stop dating needy men. You know the ones I'm talking about, the guys who seem to only take from the relationship and never give back. The ones who drain your energy, demand your attention and always need you to do something for them. If you're tired of being the Goodwill of your relationships and donating your vagina to men who don't deserve it, then this post is for you. First, let me clarify what I mean by “needy men.” These are men who are incapable of doing anything for themselves and believe that the world owes them something. They are the ones who always need you to babysit them emotionally or financially. When you’re dating a needy man, you are the one doing all the heavy lifting in the relationship. You're paying for the majority of expenses, driving them around, and picking up their messes.  Let me emphasize the importance of reciprocity in relationships. Relationships should be about give and take. When you're doing everything for

How to Spot a Real Man

The hunt for the perfect man is never-ending. We want the total package – good looks, humor, wealth, great sex, and intelligence. However, statistics show that many men are not what they seem on the outside. Many of them are just little boys in a grown man's body. Immaturity comes in all shapes and sizes. Trouble happens when we assume that the exterior of a man represents the interior character. So let's talk about how to spot a real man, what qualities make them different from little boys. Photo by KoolShooters   Real men prioritize their mental health and well-being. Mental Health is often a topic that is rarely discussed in men, and some even consider it taboo. However, it is one of the greatest signs that a man is a real man. Real men prioritize their mental health by attending therapy sessions, taking breaks when overwhelmed and participate in activities that promote relaxation and self-care. They are not afraid to admit when things are becoming too much for them, and the

True Love between Romantic Partners

What is true love between romantic partners? I'll tell you what it's not. True love is not candle lit dinners or grand gestures. It isn't walks on the beach or holding hands. Love is spiritual. It is a conscious and loving connection between partners that is free of judgment and unrealistic expectations. It does not conform to relationship norms. By understanding the deeper reasons for being in each other's lives, you can let go of fear and embrace your dynamic as it is. This level of intimacy allows for the healing of personal wounds through the presence of your partner. Should the time come, your inner knowingness, not fear, should dictate the end of the relationship. Photo by Mikhail Nilov   Love blossoms when two souls intertwine on a profound spiritual level. Regardless of your individual beliefs, spirituality serves as a fundamental pillar, shaping your belief system. Partners who align spiritually hold boundless potential for growth, constantly evolving together.

Stop Taking him Back!

Listen up ladies! It's time to break free from toxic relationships and embrace a brighter future. If you've been caught in a cycle of toxicity with your ex, or that guy who won't commit, this is for you. I know you love him, and I know you will miss him. You're not alone. We've all been there. But, there is hope for a happy, fulfilling life free of stress and uncertainty. At least in your love life.  Step one: Recognize the warning signs. Take a moment to reflect on what went wrong and the red flags you ignored. This self-reflection will empower you to set healthy boundaries and prevent toxic patterns from repeating. Value yourself: Know your worth and stand firm in your beliefs. You deserve love, care, and respect. Once you internalize this, you won't tolerate toxic behavior from anyone, not even Him. By valuing yourself, you'll attract people who treat you with the respect you deserve.  Do not engage: When he comes back, the best thing you can do is to

Discovering Love: Navigating the Challenges and Embracing the Bliss

Love is a beautiful journey but it isn't always easy. Finding the right person takes time and effort, and even when we finally do, there are often challenges that must be faced. As women, we tend to navigate the emotional complexities of relationships differently than men. The way we handle our emotions, make decisions and embrace maturity in our dating lives has a significant impact on our experience. In this blog post, we will explore the challenges and joys of discovering love, and how to make the most of your romantic journey. Photo by Josh Willink   One challenge women face in relationships is picking the wrong man. Many of us have that attraction to "bad boys." Usually when we're younger.  The challenge is in ending up with a man who mistreats you physically or emotionally, or engages in harmful behaviors such as excessive drinking. A lot of bad boy types aren't just acting out when it comes to things in their own life.  They're actually bad people, and

Using Appreciation instead of Criticism

In the realm of relationships, criticism can lead to a downward spiral, causing resentment and ultimately the breakdown of a bond. However, by shifting our focus to appreciation, we can transform a relationship that is on the verge to falling apart into one that is healthy and full of happiness. Criticism, even in small doses, can inflict significant damage on a relationship. It signals to our partner that they are inadequate, leaving them feeling unappreciated and undervalued. This erosion of trust over time can lead to disconnection. To break free from this destructive cycle, we must shift our mindset to one of appreciation. Appreciation acts as the nurturing sunshine that sustains relationships. It shows our partner that we truly see and value them, acknowledging their efforts and strengths. By communicating how much they matter to us, we create a closeness that inspires mutual positive feelings. This appreciation becomes a powerful force that strengthens the bond we share. So how c

He's Wasting Your Time if He Can't Do These Things

Ladies, it's no secret that dating can be daunting at times. We all want to be with someone who loves us, supports us, and cherishes us unconditionally. However, in the process of searching for love, we may find ourselves settling for less than we deserve. It's important to understand what we should expect from a potential partner. Let's talk  action, time and listening for starters. I think these three things are crucial if he is serious about having a relationship with you.  Photo by emre keshavarz 1. ACTION One of the key ways a man can demonstrate that he values you is by showing you through his actions. His actions should match his words. A man can tell you he loves you all day long. But it is his actions that will prove it. His actions should make you feel loved and appreciated, and shows that he is willing to prioritize your feelings and priorities. For instance, if you need him to be there for a big event in your life, he should make it a priority to show up and be

Three Reasons He Takes You For Granted: Understanding His Mindset

Sometimes we often find ourselves in situations where we feel undervalued by our significant other. We give all our love, care, and attention to make our partner happy, but sometimes, they don't reciprocate our efforts. It can be a frustrating and hurtful experience, leaving us feeling unappreciated and unwanted. But why does this happen? Why do some men take their partners for granted? Let's explore three common reasons why this could be happening and what we can do about it. Photo by Alex Green His value system makes him ignorant to your value. One of the main reasons why men take their partners for granted is that their value system differs from ours. For them, emotional support, care, and attention may not hold the same importance as it does for us. They may prioritize other aspects of life, such as their career, hobbies, or friends. They may not realize the effort that goes into maintaining a healthy relationship and undervalue the importance of emotional support. This cou

Does He See You as Wife Material? How His Actions Speak Louder Than Words

As women, we often wonder if the men we are dating see us as potential wives or just temporary flings. It's natural to want a committed relationship and to know if we are on the same page as our partners. Sometimes, it can be difficult to read a man's intentions, but his actions can speak volumes. Here's how a man's behavior can indicate whether or not he sees you as wife material: Photo by Trung Nguyen He Makes Effort to Show You Love When a man is serious about a woman, he will go out of his way to make her feel loved and appreciated. He will show effort in planning dates, surprising her with small gestures, and taking an interest in her life and hobbies. He will consistently check in on her throughout the day and make sure she feels secure in the relationship. If your partner is making an effort to show love in these ways, it's a good sign that he sees you as a potential wife. He Respects Your Time and Energy A man who sees you as his wife will value your time an

Make Him Fall in Love

Love is an enigma; it comes when you least expect it and leaves when you want it the most. Sometimes, it may feel like conquering the heart of a man is impossible. But, it is not impossible. It's not magic. It's not luck. It's an art that can be learned. Let me be clear though - You cannot make someone love you. But, if there is a spark, then you can increase your chances of making a strong connection that can evolve into a healthy relationship. Here's what you need to do to captivate that man's heart! Be yourself. The first and most important rule when trying to win a man's heart is to be yourself. Keep in mind that pretending to be someone you're not is never a good idea when you risk falling in love with a projection. Men appreciate authenticity, so don't be afraid of being vulnerable and revealing your true self. Be confident. Self-confidence is a trait that can work wonders in attracting the right man. When you feel good about yourself, you radiate

Get Over Him ASAP!

Break ups are never easy to deal with. The emotions that come with it— anger, heartache, confusion, and sadness—are different for everyone. Some may feel relief and joy from being single, while others can't help feeling lost and longing for their lost love. But regardless of how you feel, it's important to acknowledge that getting over a break up is part of the healing process. In this blog post, we'll go over some steps to help you get over it, recover your old self, and enjoy your life again. Stop all forms of communication with your ex. As much as it might hurt, cutting off all forms of communication with your ex-partner is necessary if you want to start the recovery process. This means blocking them on social media, deleting their number from your phone, and avoiding places or events they may attend. It's tempting to keep in touch, especially if you were close, but this only prolongs your pain and difficulties in moving forward. Distract yourself from your thoughts

Working through the Challenges of Second Marriages

Second marriages are often more complex than first marriages, especially when children are involved. With a blended family, there are additional relationships to navigate, and the established relationships with the children can make building a strong bond with your new partner more challenging. The first marriage is often viewed as a time for the couple to grow and mature, but when a second marriage occurs, the relationship dynamic shifts, and the situation can be very different. In this blog post, we'll explore why it's so important to focus on building a strong marriage within your blended family, and how to do it. The first step towards building a strong marriage in a blended family is to acknowledge that things will be different from a traditional first marriage. With children in the picture, you and your new partner will be viewed as "insiders," while your partner may be viewed as an "outsider." This dynamic can be challenging for everyone involved, esp

Why Compromise is Essential in Any Relationship

When two people with different habits and personalities try to navigate life together, disagreements and arguments are bound to happen. The question is, how do we handle those conflicts and find a solution that works for everyone? The answer is simple: compromise. It's easier said than done. Many couples struggle with finding a middle ground. But here is why compromise is essential to any relationship, and how you can work towards finding a solution that works for everyone. Photo by Anna Tarazevich As humans, we all love to be right, and that's perfectly natural. It only becomes a problem when we approach disagreements from a win-lose perspective. When we see our partner as a competitor, we're more likely to take a defensive stance and stick to our position, even when it's not the best solution for both parties. This often leads to bitterness and resentment and creates a pattern of one person always getting their way at the cost of the other person's desires. Compro