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Self-love Journey

Self-love is the act of loving oneself. It involves accepting yourself and having high expectations for your own happiness and well-being. Over the last few years, I have been on a journey of self-love and it has been full of ups and downs. But, it has been worth every minute because I am now in a healthier place mentally, physically, and emotionally. I think it is important that as women, we recognize what love is and what it isn't. Learning how to love yourself is a great place to start that journey, because loving yourself will attract healthier relationships with others.

Photo by Loe Moshkovska

My Self-Love Journey

I started my self-love journey with small steps — setting boundaries for myself, being mindful when making decisions, practicing positive affirmations each day, taking care of my physical body through exercise and healthy eating habits. These are all things that I had to work on within myself before I could start expecting anyone else to treat me differently or better. It was also important for me to identify toxic relationships in my life so that I could begin the process of cutting them out and making space for healthier relationships.

Self-care was also key – taking time out for myself, listening to my intuition when making decisions or choices about how to spend my time or who I want to spend it with was essential in helping me get back on track with loving myself first and foremost. This also includes taking time away from social media or any other distractions so that I can focus solely on me and be present in the moment.

The next step in my journey was learning how to forgive myself — this included forgiving mistakes from the past as well as forgiving others who have wronged me or hurt me in some way. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting; it means moving forward without bitterness or resentment weighing you down. Finally, once I had taken all these steps towards self-love, I was able to open up more fully — allowing people into my life who truly appreciate me for who I am without expecting anything in return. This enabled me to create more meaningful connections which is something we all need in our lives!

Loving yourself can be hard but it's so worth it. You will find that self-love is the ultimate liberation.  It is the freedom to accept yourself for who you truly are without the constraints of society.  Without the oppression created in your head from years and years of being told who and what you're supposed to be and do in life. When we treat ourselves with respect – when we show loving kindness toward our true selves – then it gives us room to discover who we're truly meant to be while doing things that help foster our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. Each day can bring progress if you're willing work towards personal development: meditate or pray; journal your thoughts; challenge yourself by getting out of familiar routines; do one small step in pursuit of self-improvement every 24 hours - even merely logging an act of kindness into a diary each morning could start making changes for real lasting freedom!


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