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Places in Philly: FDR Park A.K.A. The Lakes

If you're from South Philly, then you probably refer to FDR Park as, "The Lakes." This is the single, best park to go to in South Philadelphia. The playground is not that great, but there are lots of other exciting things to do. The park has wide open fields, and plenty of space to picnic or barbecue.

FDR Park is located at 1500 Pattison Avenue in south Philadelphia, near the stadiums. The Park was designed in 1914 by the Olmstead Brothers.

Park Features:
Skate Park
Golf Club & Golf Course
Tennis Courts
Baseball and Softball fields
Several Picnic Areas with benches
American Swedish Historical Museum

Other things you may enjoy:
Bird Watching

In the above picture is The American Swedish Historical Museum.

This is the Golf Club

The Golf Course

This is the beautiful Boathouse

Let's get a little closer.

I like to look at the lake from the boathouse. On the left side of the image you can see the Gazebo in the distance.

A shot of the Gazebo up close.

One of the main reasons my children want to go to this park is to see the ducks.

They also like to feed them. We had actually ran out of food at this point, so the ducks were walking away from us.

A momma duck with her ducklings.

This is one of the trails in the park. There's plenty of room for jogging & bike riding :)
A baseball field in the distance. This is what you'll find at the end of that trail above. There's more than one baseball field at this park though.
The playground.
It's pretty old, and this is the extent of it. We don't mind. Swings and a slide are just fine for us!
Besides, the children always find something to do. (Like, climb a tree too high and cause me to panic!)

These are the tennis courts. They're not too far from the playground.

As I mentioned before, there is a Skate Park at FDR Park. From what I understand, it was created by local skaters. I don't have any photos, but you can find some excellent images at this link:
FDR Skatepark Gallery (I have absolutely, nothing to do with the people, or comments on that site).

I also mentioned picnic tables, but we prefer to picnic in the grass!

Today at The Lakes, we met a friendly person with a pet bunny. This marked the first time Glorious ever felt how soft a real bunny's fur is :)


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