Places in Philly: Smith Playground (South Philadelphia)

by - June 06, 2010

People in our neighborhood call this Smith Playground. (Not to be confused with Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse, which is located in Fairmount Park). Smith Playground, is a grassy open park in South Philadelphia. It sits across the street from Vare Middle School and down the street from the 1st District Police station. There is wide open space to run and aside from the spray paint on the slides and walls, it's not such a bad looking park. I've been going to this park since my oldest daughter was one (she's 14 now). The Public Swimming pool was replaced with a "sprayground" for cost & safety reasons back in 2005. If I remember correctly, the swings were removed the same year. The City has however, managed to keep a handful, of much appreciated programs alive for the community.

The park is located at 2100 S. 24th Street in the 19145 zip code. The Recreation Department is open Monday thru Friday. Call 215-685-1898 for information on after school programs, sports, games, visual and performing arts.
Park Features:Public basketball courts
Softball field
Picnic tables

On our way to Smith Playground
Walking in the park
The Sprayground that replaced the public pool. Spraygrounds haven't opened yet. One thing I always worry about is the children falling on that concrete. (Ouchies & boo-boos)
Beautiful Murals wrap around the building of the recreation center.

A view of the fields. This is where the children can practice football, and play kickball or softball.
Just another angle.
Basketball court
The children found it pretty interesting that this tree seems to be swallowing the gate more and more each year.

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