Is He Cheating?

by - March 26, 2022

Intuition is what we call it. A Woman's Intuition to be exact. It tells us, "something ain't right." You don't have proof, but you feel it. You're probably not wrong. We know when something's up, and while we may not have hard evidence, there are common signs that tell us a man is cheating. If you believe your partner is cheating I recommend keeping a behavior journal. I know, I know, it sounds a little crazy, but hear me out. I am about to list a bunch of common signs of a cheating spouse. You should keep track of which behaviors your partner displays. Most of these signs are circumstantial evidence, but if you establish a continued pattern of behavior that looks like cheating, then it probably is. Going over your journal entries will help you determine if he's really cheating. Now, if you're married, and your spouse is doing more than one of these, and your journal is looking like he's definitely cheating, you might want to hire a professional. You can hire a professional to prove he's cheating. Depending on what state you live in, it can help you get alimony. In Pennsylvania for example, misconduct of a spouse is considered in deciding alimony. In California it has no bearing. Still, just having that proof can sometimes help you feel vindicated.

Here are some signs that someone is cheating:

1. A change in his behavior towards you. He starts acting different. He picks fights for no reason and begins to find fault in you to justify his affair.

2. He leaves home during an argument. Many cheaters will provoke a fight so they can leave home and go see the person they are having an affair with.

3. He comes home and immediately jumps in the shower and does laundry at a time he normally wouldn't. He may be trying to hide the signs of smoke, perfume, lipstick, or bodily fluids.

4. A sudden change in his appearance. All of a sudden he's working out, or keeping his hair cut. His taste in clothing or cologne has changed.

5. There is a change in your sex life. He either wants less sex, more sex, or has unusual sexual requests.

6. He smells like perfume or alcohol when he comes home. He has lipstick, make-up or other stains on his clothing that looks suspicious.

7. He has unexplained absences from work, he works late more often, or he begins having problems at work.

8. He starts acting different with his phone. He sets a new password. He's on it all day. He ignores certain calls. He keeps it on silent or let's the battery die frequently.

9. The mileage on his vehicle seems excessive. If he has a job that requires him to drive his personal vehicle then this might not help you. However, if his normal commute is to work and home, then excessive mileage may be a sign of cheating.

10. Having new friends. All of a sudden he has new friends, or he's hanging out with his old friends way more than he usually does. Chances are, he's not really with those friends.

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