OJ Simpson: Guilty

by - October 04, 2008

Big surprise.

The jury acted out of malice. This case was not supposed to be about his late, estranged wife, Nicole Simpson. However, it seems as if the courts have said, "We missed ya last time, but we'll get cha this time nigger."

Of all the Native Americans, Mexican Americans and Black Americans living in Nevada, they chose the people who would be most biased to serve as jurors in this trial. The jury consisted of all white, middle aged people and most of them were women. The Jury was told that even though they knew about the previous trial in which O.J. won, (because he did not murder his wife) they were to put their feelings aside and not let that interfere with their judgement and the facts in his case.

Yeah, right.

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  1. They still lynchin' Niggas?

    This is the second lynching (Rodney King being the first). This was clearly payback for a not guilty plea in 1995.

    People need to talk about this and people should be outraged, but hey, who cares. He's just another black man.

  2. This may be the 2nd well known, publicly broadcasted, modern day lynching, but as we well know, there is injustice done in American courts all the time.

    That's a topic too big and too deep for me to blog.

    But in this particular case, a big injustice was done and yes, people should be outraged and they should be talking about it.