The Sandwich Approach

by - October 07, 2008

It's not always easy to help children with their homework. Especially, their reading.

I was having some problems helping my 7 year old daughter with reading. She is under the age appropriate reading level, and just hasn't been able to grasp the phonics as well as her siblings do. I was getting very, very frustrated. Then, my closest friend, whom I've known for a good 10 years, told me about a method called, 'The Sandwich Approach." The Sandwich Approach is when you take a negative response and surround it with two positives.

I'm telling you, this method works! Apparently, it's also very popular and I seem to be the last parent alive to hear about it. I've always given my children praises when they get an answer right or whenever they do well. I think what makes this method successful is that you don't just end positive, but you start off positive. Starting positive seems to give the child some confidence and makes them feel more comfortable with to trying again. My daughter used to wine and not want to try again, but this has really improved the homework experience for us.

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