Happy October!

by - October 01, 2008

Happy October! Halloween is approaching and this time of the year always reminds me of Door Decorating Contests back in elementary school. I miss those days.

A few things you should know about October:

The name October comes from the Greek word 'Octo' which means eight. On old Roman Calendars October was the 8th month.

October's Birthstone is the Opal

The beautiful Calendula is October's official flower

October is an important month for a few reasons. The #1 reason: This is my birthday month :) Yay!

Also, this is the last month for voters to decide who they will vote for. This is the last full month to campaign and get out the message of change.

Voter registration deadline is 10/06/08.
October is Domestic Abuse Awareness month.
Here are a few fun Reasons to celebrate October:
  • 10/02 Name your Car Day
  • 10/04 National Golf Day
  • 10/06 Child Health Day
  • 10/12 Farmer's Day
  • 10/13 Columbus Day
  • 10/15 National Poetry Day
  • 10/17 Black Poetry Day
  • 10/18 Sweetest Day
  • 10/19 Mother-in-law's Day
  • 10/24 United Nations Day
  • 10/31 Halloween

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