Just a Thought About the Debate

by - September 28, 2008

About the debate on 9/26/08:

I don't think McCain explained in enough detail, why our country should strive to win this war. I have a hard time understanding why it is a bad idea to begin to pull out of a battle that is costing us so much. I hear him saying, "We have to win this war. We have to win," and it peeves me. How can he be so concerned with winning a war in another country, when we're losing a battle right here at home. This war is costing our country too much and it seems like McCain just doesn't get it.

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  1. You do have a point on why he is so concerned about the war when there are other problems here at home.

    I think it's because him being a soldier during Vietnam nd since we lost that war, I think he really doesn't want to give up on Iraq and he wants to make sure we don't come back defeated. . . .even if it is costing us a fortune.

    It's weird, I know.

    And I have the same confusion towards Obama as well.

    They both can be confusing. . .

  2. Yeah, I figured the Vietnam thing must play a big role in McCain wanting to win this war so bad.

    My main concern is our country and the kind of economy our children will have to live in when they are adults.

    Between fighting to win a costly war and working to overturn Roe v. Wade, I don't think McCain plans to do much helping the economy.

  3. I do agree that there is too much focus on winning the war. To understand that we would have to understand a man's way of thinking. It's a struggle for power, which not only causes casualties on the battlefield, but right here at home. To the average American, with any common sense, catching up the national deficit is far more important than spending 10 billion a month, on a war, we shouldn't even be in. Bin Laden-Been Laughing at us. I can hear him now, "Look at those infidels, they're going broke, losing lives, and they still can't touch me. While they focus on us, they're in so much debt with China, and their constituents are outraged with their politicians... aw yes, chaos in America, I'm loving it!" We keep sleeping over here and one day we'll be one of those "occupied territories".

  4. I feel the same exact way. I think not only Bin Laden, but other people are laughing at us too. It's crazy and I just hope that our country can get through this. We need a Democrat back in the White House now.