Shopping This Weekend

by - September 24, 2008

I'm no fashion Guru, but I do like to shop.Sometimes my Mommy Pockets prevent me from shopping for myself, but I am hoping I will be able to grab a few things this weekend.

This top is from Old Navy and I love the color.

I love hoops and the "Banged Metal" in these earrings give a new look to my old favorite.

I want this top and I will get it.

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  1. not that the black top would be flattering to my oddly proportioned figure, but i'm still curious where it's from :)

    p.s. just thought i'd swing by your blog after approving your add request on 20somethingbloggers :)

  2. I found that top on Mandees' website. It's on sale right now for $26.00. It's called the "Smock Cap Jacket" in Black.

    Thanks for commenting.