Look Who Came Out of the Closet!

by - September 24, 2008

Whoa! Big shocker. I'm so surprised! I thought the entire world already knew about Clay Aiken being Gay. Who didn't already know this and why is it on the cover of People Magazine as if it is real news.

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  1. lol What a surprise...hahaha Why did he even come out anyway, like we didnt know. He needs some attention. lol

  2. Thanks for commenting. Yeah, I think he's looking for attention too... lol

  3. well, all that aside, i find his little baby rather adorable :)

  4. Yes, the baby is a little cutie-pie. The cover image is very nice, too.

  5. Ahahhaa. I KNEW IT!

    That's fantastic though, about him being a new padre.


    I'm following your blog, by the way.
    It's great.

    Have a great day!


  6. This is my personal oppinion made public:
    I think if he is gay, that's his right... I think that people are to open to the public about what they do in the bedroom. Now, will being gay make him sing better? Will it help his skin look better? Will it make him a better human? Will he save our Country from total waiste? No, so I say: Who gives a flip!
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    Your Local Nut~~
    Hugs, Nice blog!