Unbelievable: side-by-side Palin/Tina Fey

by - September 29, 2008

I don't even know what to say about this. I've just watched it over and over and shook my head. This is just crazy. John McCain can't even pick a qualified VP how can we trust him with anything.

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  1. Let the woman be.

    She was probably nervous.

    Tell me if you were to have an interview with Katie Couric that you would not be nervous. She's intimidating.

    Obama was the same way with O'Reily on FOX News. He rambled, stuttered and made no sense at all because he was nervous and O'Reily is 100 times intimidating than Couric is.

    Give her a break.
    She's only human.

  2. This is not about her being nervous. Everybody gets nervous. This was a big, nationally broadcasted interview with Katie Couric herself. That's definitely something to be nervous about.

    But what I'm concerned with is her answers.

    Thanks for commenting! :]

  3. In response to acute_disaster:

    It would be disingenuous and blindly biased to compare Palin's interview with Katie to Obama's interview with Bill O'Reilly. Katie was soft spoken and courteous, where as O'Reilly was loud and belligerent. Palin's answers were muddled and often times so far away from the issue that I forgot what the issue was. Senator Obama on the other hand, appeared to be getting increasingly frustrated with Mr. O'reilly's line of questioning, but answered each question intelligently. Tina Fey's recent sketch of Palin was close to verbatim. So I suggest that Senator McCain give Governor Palin a break. He threw her into the middle of a firestorm and she is not prepared. Which makes her also an "acute disaster."

    Thank you.