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Creating Magic: Beliefs and Make-Believe, A Life and Holiday Season Make-Over

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Where's the magic? When was the last time you got up in the morning brimming with excitement, unable to keep still because of all the exuberant possibilities that the day ahead was holding for you? All those fun adventures, mischievous plans, playful projects...

Kids will often experience this kind of unbearable excitement for the day ahead - for life itself. They have not yet taken on so many beliefs about life that many of us, adults, have accumulated over the years. What are your beliefs, the messages playing in your head? Tune in, look at what's there.

Is it something like: life is hard; you don't get anything for free; you work hard and then you die; it's always a struggle; you have to pay your dues; you have to take things seriously; life isn't fair; my life stinks; I never get a break...? You've probably had these, or other variations of such thoughts spinning through your mind at various points - either consciously or not.

And what's the experience - in your emotions, in your body - from these thoughts? Probably something like a heaviness, a slowness, constriction in your body, along with hopelessness, isolation, sadness, anger...

(And even now, notice your experience in your body and your energy level as you read this - I would bet that your emotions and body sensations have changed even from the beginning of this article! That's what focusing on these messages does.)

We, adults, often miss the main, critical point here. This is that our beliefs, even those we hold as the truth and are really attached to, are just that - beliefs that we hold as truth and are really attached to. The truly amazing thing is that as humans, we totally have the power to shift our beliefs, and our points of view - and thus our whole reality as we perceive it.

Lofty words, perhaps, but a very powerful concept.

Lets take the impending holiday season as an example. What are your beliefs about the holidays? Often we hear things like: it's a zoo out there; I hate dealing with family drama, and there's always family drama; there's never enough time to do everything, and certainly no time left for me; everything has to be perfect; I wish it were just over already; I hate dealing with the budgets, the craziness, the commercialisms of it all; and on and on and on.

Yet, do you see - all of these are just beliefs, just ways of focusing your attention. And how bizarre that most of us will choose to focus our attention outside of ourselves, to fall victim to circumstance. Yet, it is not the external circumstances that truly affect us - it is our beliefs about those circumstances. And here's the key - there are always things you can do to change these beliefs, and to re-focus your attention. I guarantee it - this will change your whole outlook and reality. Even if no outward changes take place.

For example: sure, there's commercialism aplenty this time of year, and it can get to you. How about switching off the TV and doing your shopping on the internet instead? Yea, family drama can erupt this time of year. But how about re-focusing on the gratitude of having people in your life to share the holidays with? Of course, budgets can be strained by gift-buying. Why not brainstorm fun and inexpensive gift ideas - maybe create a cooking or arts project with your kids or your best friend and make your own unique holiday gifts?

The possibilities are endless. Your attention, where you focus your energy, will determine what kind of holiday season you'll have. It's your choice - a bah- humbug grumpy season, or a creative and joyful magical time (or anything in between)!

Plant the Seeds:

1. What are your beliefs about life? Take a moment, and see what messages play in your head.

2. What are your beliefs about the holidays? What do you keep telling yourself and other folks close to you about the holidays?

3. What can you re-focus your attention on to bring the joy back?

4. Begin to notice your body sensations and emotions. Name them. They are likely pointing you to an unhelpful belief or thought process.

5. Finally - re-read the first paragraph of this article, and connect with that mischievous, magical, excited place inside. From here, what actions can you take this holiday season to make it fun and special?

This piece was written by Inna Nirenburg. Inna is a powerful life coach and workshop leader. She uses her deep wisdom and intuition, as well as a concrete actionable process, to help you answer the question "What's Next?" in all areas of your life. See for more information.


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