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Getting the Most Out Of Every Day

Photo by Bekka Mongeau

In the movie Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams urges his students to 'Carpe Diem' or 'Seize the Day'. In other words, wake up, pay attention to the now; don't spend one more minute living in auto control.

I would like to fine tune that sentiment and change it to 'Direct your Day'. Seizing suggests grabbing hold of it, grasping, snatching and clutching the day. A lot of action but where is it heading? Directing suggests navigation, plotting your course so that you are moving in the direction of your outcomes or goals.

Every day upon waking simply set an intention or a series of intentions for the day.

1. Today let me watch for the lessons that are presented me.

2. Today let me be there for someone who needs me.

3. Today let me practice self love

4. Today let me move steadily towards my outcome of ____________

I spent a week recently where it seemed that those nearest and dearest to me did nothing but whine about their jobs. I listened for a while and reminded them that these jobs were not their life vocations but simply a means to an end. They were necessary so that they could continue in school or pay rent until they could be adequately compensated for their passions. Finally, I told them to wake up, pay attention to what could be learned from each day. What or who did the universe put in front of you today? Did they start off their day consciously, with intention or were they just partially there, going through the motions and feeling sorry for themselves because they perceived that life was treating them unfairly?

Change how you see each day. Look at your day as an opportunity to move yourself closer to your outcome. To learn something that will be critical for you to know later in life or to have an opportunity to be of value to someone else. Seize the day but once you have it by the tail set an intention and direct it purposefully toward your dreams. At the end of each day, ask yourself the following questions:

1. What did I do today that moved me closer to my intended outcomes?

2. What did I learn today?

3. Did I make a difference in someone else's life today?

4. What can I be thankful for?

Drift off to sleep knowing that you not only seized the day but you also directed it purposefully.

Lesley Cordero is President of Cordero Consulting offering personal growth solutions in the form of workshops, keynote presentations, and Internet information resources. Subscribe to her free ezine "Deep Linking" at [] and begin to connect with what is really important in your life. Are you ready ... to see things differently?® is her new e-book.


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