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The 10 Steps to Higher Purpose

Higher Purpose is not a wish list

Higher Purpose is not fantasy playing

Higher Purpose is not created by others; it begins with you.

When someone is living in their Higher Purpose it transitions their whole way of BEING. We are fully alive and inspired. We do not just feel satisfaction, we feel fulfilled, filled with possibilities, humbled and peaceful beyond imagination. When we are not living our Higher Purpose we tend to feel unsure of ourselves, hesitant with our choices and inner duality. We possibly flounder or spend lots of time and energy on our results or forced outcomes for validation of how we feel rather than really enjoying the living and fullness that life has to offer.

Knowing your Higher Purpose is not about results or "doing"- those are by-products of Higher Purpose Living. Higher Purpose is about the whom we were born to be. The first step to move into Higher Purpose Living is identification.

Here is a worksheet designed to help you begin to understand yours. Remember Higher Purpose is not what you think. It is not meant to be analyzed so stay out of your head with your answers-this is about instincts, soul language and heart. Look for repetitive words, labels or ideas that come up in your answers:

1.What daydreams or thoughts are impossible for you to put out of your mind?

Go as far back with this question as you can...even to early childhood. Before you learned that what you envisioned and "felt" yourself doing or being might be considered unrealistic, too late or not for you. The sky's the limit here.

2.What has always been the deepest desire of your heart?

Look as honestly here as you can-it might be something no one else has ever known about you or it might be something you yourself have put away or fight against.

3.What flows naturally out of you?

For example: What haven't you needed to study for? What new situations have you been in that you instinctually knew what to do or what was needed?? Higher Purpose will feel natural and fitting.

4.What stirs you passions?

Think of passion as intensity such as an "on fire" or mesmerizing feeling. Remember, passion looks many different ways, from anger: "War is insanity" to love: "I love experiencing people's growth."

5.What types of "tools" do you find yourself collecting?

What types of people, books, education, toys or experiences do you surround yourself with?
6.When is it you feel you are on a " mission"?
When do you roll up your sleeves and take something on no matter how hard or challenging? A "calling" if you will.

7.What do mature and successful people see in you?

When they speak of where they see you going what is it they see you being and accomplishing? Those that have walked a similar path to yours can see where you are heading before you do. If you are unsure what they see and sense-ask them!

8.What type of results do you produce when you are at the "top of your game?"

What is it that you bring to the table or offer that people seek you out for?

9.Where does your spirit lead you?

Here you are looking for what might not be the obvious-look at inklings, hunches and experiences of not so convenient coincidences that come up in your life.

10.What do people want to gather around you and help you accomplish?

Higher purpose is not an isolation sport. Others who have a similar or complimentary purpose will gather around you to support you. What are they saying? Are you fighting a numbers game? If many in your support group say you are a CEO are you accepting of it and picking out a desk or are you fighting them and saying they are all wrong?


Have you learned or discovered anything revealing? Can you now name your purpose? By incorporating the commonalities in your answers have you found a profession, career or vision? That is my intention here for you. I am hoping you walk away with either validation that you are aware of your purpose or that you are now intrigued enough to continue on a path to discovery.

Elizabeth Tull is a Professional Excellence Coach who bridges the recovery community with professional coaching to create Next Step Living. She also works with those seeking to craft and design Legacies of Excellence and Life Planning for families living with clinical depression.

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