Four Simple Tips That Will Improve Your Dating Experience

by - May 25, 2022

Dating should be exciting and fun, but for many of us it can be a little stressful. When you first start dating, you are not quite sure what the other person's expectations are. You don't know what your date will think of you when they meet you in person. You may even be a little anxious or nervous. But don't let that deter you from dating. Dating can be an exciting and rewarding stage in your life, and if you have patience, it may lead to finding someone who's just right for you. 

Here are some helpful tips that may improve your dating experience: 

1. Be sensible - The first two things you should do before you start dating are to evaluate your attitude and be realistic. It is important that you be realistic about what you desire and don't expect too much from a first date. You should avoid making assumptions because it could lead to disappointment. The only expectations you should have when going on a first date are that the date will go well, and that it will lead to a second date. Understand that all first dates don't lead to lasting relationships. However, it is essential that you remain positive and have good expectations. Dating is a process. Eventually, you will find the one who is right for you. In the meantime, try to relax and enjoy meeting new, interesting people. 

2. Have good conversation - Good conversation is so important. Even though you may not know what to say, don't expect your date to be the one who breaks the ice, he may be just as nervous as you are. Try to make light of the situation as this will help you both feel more at ease. You want to avoid awkward silences whenever possible. Here are some things that will help with getting the conversation started and keeping it going: keep up with current events, ask open-ended questions, comment on his appearance, don't give one word answers, listen to what your date is saying, laugh, enjoy the moment, and be open and honest. 

3. Don't pretend - I know this one may sound simple, but be yourself. Don't overdo it by trying to impress your date. (I learned this the hard way 🤦‍♀️). If you're not being yourself and the relationship progresses, it will only complicate things later. You won't be able to keep up the facade forever and the person you're dating will eventually see you for who you really are. This could potentially be the reason he won't seal the deal. He may feel that you're dishonest, or he may be confused about why you put on a front. Either way, it could damage how your date sees you and cause them to not want to take things further. 

4. Have fun - Dating should feel fun and easy. If you're not having fun, please stop taking dating so seriously. The world actually doesn't revolve around finding your perfect mate. Everyone you date will not be attracted to you, and you will not be attracted to everyone you date. So lighten up and enjoy yourself. Take each date as a learning experience. You'll find out what works for you, what you like and what you don't like. If you have a bad date, don't dwell on it. Just move on to the next one.

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