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Herbs & Spices: A Treasure Trove of Health Benefits

They say, to live right, you need to eat right but do we actually know what is right? Take a look at your kitchen cabinets; I am sure half of us won’t be aware of the benefits little things placed in our grocery shelf provide. For example, do you know that the herbs and spices flavoring your dishes are a treasure trove of health benefits? Here are a few common herbs and spices that we find easily in any household but are ignorant of the health benefits they offer. 

1. Cayenne - The famous philosopher Plato once said, “Pepper is small in quantity and great in virtue”. So is cayenne. Cayenne or popularly known as Lal Mirch relieves many gastro problems. It is quite interesting to know that Cayenne soothes the sore throat and heals other cold and flu symptoms. Apart from this Cayenne regulates the metabolism of one’s body which promotes weight loss and strong immunity. 

2. Oregano - I am sure all the pizza lovers out there are very well aware of what oregano tastes like. Oregano is rich in antioxidants. It is said that one tablespoon of oregano holds as many antioxidants as 2 bowls of broccoli. Regular intake of oregano calms digestions and also fights with respiratory problems. 

3. Cinnamon - is definitely people’s favorite in the kitchen. Fresh aroma and sweet taste of cinnamon add life to dishes. Apart from adding flavor, cinnamon is known for its rich antioxidant content. Cinnamon intake increases the insulin activity inside the body that helps in controlling fat and risk of developing type 2 Diabetes.  

4. Turmeric - Turmeric gives the rich color to the curry. Curcumin, a substance found in turmeric exhibits medicinal attributes. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and detoxifying nature. Turmeric detoxifies the liver and improves the brain health. 

5. Cumin - Slightly bitter and pungent in flavor, is another magical spice. Cumin is said to be the second most consumed herb in the world. It is attributed with anti-microbial properties and helps in reducing flatulence. 

6. Ginger - Ginger is used widely in cooking and also forms an important ingredient in many alternative medicines. One gram of ginger a day keeps nausea at bay. Apart from this, ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties that help in pain management. A study showed 2 grams of ginger a day can lessen the risk of developing colon cancer. 

 These were few herbs and spices that we see every day in our kitchen racks but overlook their health benefits purely because of unawareness. Healthy eating is a must for a sound mind and strong body. Make your daily meals healthy by adding a dash of these herbs and spices and take care of yourself and your family. After all health is wealth.

Written by: Ankit Gupta


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