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Beyonce on Tyra

On Wednesday, Nov. 26th, Beyonce visited the Tyra show. If you missed it, you missed one great hour of television! There were so many moments in the show that touched me.

One of my favorite moments was when Tyra introduced a girl that had been diagnosed with MS. When she was first diagnosed she couldn't even walk. She had to start all over. Beyonce made this young lady's dream come true when she walked out on stage to meet her. See the video, it was so touching:

My favorite Tyra moments were the Jay-Z-Boy Chair and the secret. As a belated wedding gift, Tyra gave Beyonce a card board Jay-Z-Boy Chair. As the two ladies were about to break for commercial they each stood on one side of the card board Jay-Z and Beyonce playfully told Tyra not to sit too close to her man, it was so funny.

The secret, is still a secret. Tyra told Beyonce she was going to tell her a secret that she has been keeping quiet, and she did just that. She left the audience and us at home, wondering what she was whispering in Beyonce's ear. She never told us! What I got from it, is that Tyra is not single. She's not married, but she is seeing someone.

A visit from Beyonce wouldn't be right without a great performance and Beyonce did her thang performing "If I Were a Boy" and "Single Ladies." Beyonce dropped tears as she sang "If I Were a Boy." It was an awesome ending to a very good show. I was left feeling like Beyonce is just one of the girls and I had been hanging out with her and Tyra for an hour.

You have to look it up on YouTube, it was sooooo good.

Also, Tyra will be featured in Ebony Magazine's December 2008 issue.


  1. Hello there!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I think that Tyra and Beyonce are very gorgeous ladies but they sound VERY uneducated....I don't mean the way they speak but the content of their thoughts.

    I don't know if either one of them ever graduated from high school or reads a book.

    It was an entertaining show though...the part I saw on YouTube.

  2. Truthfully, when I'm watching the Tyra show, I'm not looking for highly educated thoughts. I'm looking for something entertaining to watch.

    I think the show was supposed to be layed back and fun. Also one of Tyra's known quotes is, "A smart model is a good model," and I remember her being referred to as business savvy. She did go to High School, but instead of going to college she signed with a modeling agency and went to Paris. She has spent her life following her dreams. She's gone from model, to actress, to having her own shows. She could have gone from model, to drug addicted, but she didn't.

    I have no idea if Beyonce graduated from High School. She's been working her butt off since she came onto the scene and I don't see where she would have had the time, but I don't know and I really don't care. She's living the American Dream.

    How many white actresses, singers, etc. never graduated high school?
    Sean Connery
    Hilary Swank (got GED)
    Jessica Simpson
    Lindsey Lohan
    Paris Hilton (got GED)
    Avril Lavighn
    Johnny Depp

    There are more, black & white.

  3. I agree with blow the trumpet
    I love to watch Beyonce perform
    but her diction is horrid and when she was on Oprah she was forever stumped when asked what her favorite book is. She says growing up she attended private school but it must have been for a couple of days. geesh She is 27 and when she's interviewed it's like speaking with my 10 year old niece.
    I was a little embarrassed for her.
    Natalie Portman, Carrie Underwood, Jodie Foster, Brooke Shields, Renee Zellweger and Alicia Keys was valedictorian and attended Columbia University although she left to pursue music.

  4. Thanks for commenting Kim!

    You know what? I've never seen her on Oprah, or any other interview. The Tyra show was the first Beyonce interview that I've ever sat down and watched. (I just like the Tyra show, it's a fun show).

    I don't really know if Beyonce sounds uneducated or not. You couldn't tell that from Tyra's interview. The show was for entertainment and there were mostly questions about her relationship, her favorite stuff, etc. Nothing real serious.

    So, I'm not so sure about Beyonce. I may have to Google that Oprah interview.

    As far as Tyra is concerned, I can't agree with that. I respect her as a business woman and I don't think she's stupid.


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