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Overcoming Fear and Achieving Your Goals

It's perfectly normal to feel scared when it comes to pushing outside of our comfort zones and taking on new challenges. However, letting fear hold us back can prevent us from achieving our dreams and reaching our full potential. In this blog post, I'll go over a few steps to help you overcome your fear and achieve your goals. Let's get started!

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Ask yourself - what's the worst thing that could happen if I attempt this? If it's not immoral, illegal, lethal, or just plain stupid - go for it.

Our minds tend to conjure up worst-case scenarios that rarely come to fruition. By asking ourselves this question, we can put things into perspective and realize that the risk may not be as great as we initially thought.

Understand your "comfort zone" and expand the boundaries that limit you.

We all have a comfort zone, which is the familiar and safe space we stick to. But, staying in this comfort zone can limit our potential. It's important to push the boundaries and try new things to expand our comfort zone.

Change your vocabulary - instead of saying try - say do, rather than saying what if, say why not.

This shift in vocabulary can alter our mindset and propel us into action. By choosing empowering words, we can build confidence and courage to take on new challenges.

Create a plan. You can overcome paralysis with a little analysis. Don't let fear hold you back or keep you down.

Having a plan in place can help alleviate fear and uncertainty. With a clear roadmap, we can break down our goals into achievable tasks and take action towards them.

Build in contingency plans. Sometimes "what if" is something that needs to be taken into account - not to hold you back but to keep you going. Create a "safety net" by having backup plans that cover possible alternative scenarios. If plan A doesn't work, you can run with plan B, C or D without missing a step.

Having contingency plans can provide peace of mind and reduce the impact of failure. It gives us the flexibility to pivot and adjust our approach if things don't go as planned.

Understand the meaning of FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear is often an illusion created by our minds. By recognizing this, we can start to detach from our fears and approach them with more objectivity.

Fear is normally created by the unknown. After you do something, it is no longer unknown, making your world and your experiences broader and deeper. And the best part is you only have to face the unknown once.

The unknown can be intimidating, but by facing it head-on, we can gain valuable experiences and knowledge that can push us towards our goals.

Gain understanding. We often fear what we don't understand. Check with an authority, find a mentor, do research, but understand the why's how's and what's that you are dealing with.

Understanding can diminish fear and provide us with the confidence to take on new challenges. By arming ourselves with knowledge, we can better navigate the unknown.

We are usually motivated by pain or pleasure. Do you focus your energies on the pain of failing or the pleasure that comes with success? That which you think about, you bring about. Visualize yourself achieving your objective.

Our mindset can greatly impact our success. By focusing on the pleasure that comes with success, we can motivate ourselves to take action towards our goals. Visualization techniques can aid in this and help align our mindset towards success.

Get ready by knowing what has to happen or what you need to do. Don't let the unknown hold you back. Be prepared, aim high, and visualize your success.

Preparation can relieve some of the fear and uncertainty associated with taking on new challenges. By being ready and visualizing our success, we can propel ourselves towards our goals with confidence and courage.

Fear can be a limiting factor in achieving our goals, but by adopting a mindset of curiosity and exploration, we can push past our fears and expand our potential. By following these 10 steps, we hope to provide you with tools to overcome your fears and reach your dreams. Remember, you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to, so go out there and make it happen!


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