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Best Facial Hair Removal Method

There are many methods of facial hair removal available to the consumer. IPL facial hair removal offers long-term hair reduction but cannot target light, fine hair. Waxing facial hair removal can cause skin irritation along with ingrown hairs and is only a short term method. There are also trimming devices for facial hair removal which can cause skin irritation and require retreatment every few days. This list is not exhaustive; there are many more methods of facial hair removal; some of them quite dubious and seemingly offering the consumer miracles. Electrolysis is recommended as the best facial hair removal method as it is the only medically approved method of permanent best hair removal for unwanted facial hair, FACT. Electrolysis for permanent hair removal can only be performed by highly skilled and trained practitioners. These practitioners are encouraged to regularly review their skills and take refresher courses. They have the tactile skill on par with aesthetic surgeons.

Discovered over 100 years ago, electrolysis hair removal has been refined to the point of perfection and can be used for unwanted hair removal on any skin type or colour and any hair colour or any hair type. Electrolysis is suitable for all unwanted hair removal needs and can be used all over the body. Electrolysis is the only hair removal method which, after a course of treatments, works permanently.

Electrolysis hair removal works by the gentle insertion of a very fine, sterile probe, or needle (which matches the diameter of the hair) into the natural opening or follicle in the skin. Once in the follicle a miniscule amount of energy called Thermolysis is released. The sensation of this is felt as a small amount of heat. The hair follicle is gradually destroyed by the heat of this Thermolysis energy which can also be destroyed by a chemical reaction called Galvanic which is direct current energy. It is also possible to combine both the heat of Thermolysis with the chemical reaction of Galvanic to produce another treatment called ‘Blend.’ A course of treatments for unwanted facial hair removal is needed to completely clear the area. Gradually, the hair growth will soften, become finer and will also become sparse before disappearing altogether. For those people living with hormonal issues such as the Menopause and PCOS this can give a new lease of life. Hormonal unwanted facial hair growth can feel very tough and spiky. The hair growth can be very deep with large bulbous roots, much bigger and deeper than conventional hair growth. These enlarged roots can be very noticeable, sometimes giving the appearance of a five o’clock shadow. On the other end of the spectrum the hair structures can be completely clear with no pigment at all but feel just as tough and spiky. This hair growth typically grows in a ‘male pattern’ appearing on the chin, upper lip, sides of face and neck ensuring distress and a certain lack of confidence. 

Electrolysis for facial hair removal can deal with all of these issues. It can restore hope, prevent plucking of the hair and also prevent possible skin damage from the misguided, over use of these dubious home measures.

This post was written by By Radina Simeonova. Radina Simeonova is associate author with Sterex Ltd, expert in electrolysis - the permanent hair removal and also offering electrolysis machine,facial hair removal, sebaceous cyst removal, and skin tag removal.


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