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by - January 12, 2013

Image (c) deliberateLIFE
DeliberateLIFE is a new magazine founded by Fay Johnson. DeliberateLIFE challenges its readers to acknowledge that the choices we make in our lives can affect us, the people around us, our community, and our entire world. It focuses on inspiring people to "live a better life by making a deliberate choice to live well and do good."

Both deliberateLIFE’s substance and visual content make it a high quality magazine that I believe readers will appreciate. It's positive message and upbeat tone is a refreshing change from the typical content that I read on a daily basis. One of my favorite sections of the magazine was, the "In The Know," section. This section raises awareness and gives insight on global issues.

DeliberateLIFE is currently available exclusively through the iPad Newsstand. However, it will eventually move to the Android platform and be available to everyone with a tablet. If you have an iPad, I would recommend that you purchase a subscription. I was impressed by the choice of material and also by the company's overall message. They also practice what they preach by giving 15% of the proceeds received for each issue, to whatever charitable organization is featured in that issue. I think that's impressive!

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