Thursday Thoughts

by - June 25, 2009

I guess there comes a time when every mother has to come face to face with their teenager and let them know who's boss. Mother/daughter relationships can be difficult during these years.

This Thursday's Thought:

"Mother Nature is providential. She gives us twelve years to develop a love for our children before turning them into teenagers." ~William Galvin

The reason behind the thought: My daughter crossed a line last night. This line crossing showed blatant disrespect and has changed our relationship forever. My daughter turned 13 in March. It's only been a few months and one of my worst fears has already come true.

The fear that she would one day forget how much I love her and how much I've been here for her through the years. I've never had a teenager before and this is all new to me, but one thing I am not going to do is play friends with her and allow her to disrespect me.

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  1. although I don't know what it is she did, its just a phase.

    When I was that age my mom got me a counselor. And did more mother daughter outings. mind you when I was a teenager my mom was getting remarried and having another baby.

    I know I'm not looking foward to my daughter being a teen because although I wasn't a wild child I know I have some karma coming to me.

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  2. Yes the teenage years are the most difficult to go through. I have two of them. So far I haven't had any issues with my son but I think that's because he is a boy and I don't think they rebel as much as girls. My daughter on the other hand, when she hit her teenage years, it was like hold up, what happened to my sweet little girl. She has gotten better within the last couple of years and our relationship has gotten a lot closer. She shares everything with me now. I think they are just trying to figure out who they are and throw in all the hormones and their changing bodies and you get that chick from the exorcist movie lol. Anyway what I'm trying to say is just hang in there, continue to be there for your daughter and let her know how much you love her and things will get better :o)

  3. Thanks to both of you for the comments!

    I actually did look into some counselors today. I think I will go ahead and take that step.

    I really do feel like I lost my sweet little girl. Thanks for letting me know that it will get better :)

  4. Thanks for becoming a follower of the cafe,, returning the favor!

  5. Stopping by and following from the MBC "under 100" group...

    My daughter is now 20 and for a few tough years I mourned the loss of my sweet little girl. Those are not easy times, but stay strong and stick to your parental guns. I'm happy to report that things do come back around in a positive way! You'll get her back one day! :D


  6. Thanks Dee! I'm looking forward to better days.

  7. Hey there!

    You are right for sticking to your guns... my father was a widower and he raised three children....he did not try to be our friends...and sometimes we wished we were adopted!! *LOL*

    Now I am glad he stuck to his principles and did not back down...

  8. Thanks for your comment! My father was the same way. He started raising us as a single dad when I was 12. My sister and brother were just 3 & 5.