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Octuplets Frenzy

Nadya Suleman
Mother of the second set of Octuplets to be born in the U.S.
She's going through a lot right now and so many people have something to say about her situation. Regardless of how it happened, these babies are here now.
All eight babies:
Noah, Maliah, Isaiah, Nariah, Makai, Josiah, Jeremiah and Jonah

These babies are the world's second set of Octuplets to be born alive. They are also the only set of Octuplets that has had all babies survive this long. Everything else aside, that's amazing to me. I hope they all make it.
I don't think that what this woman needs right now is the entire world telling her how stupid she is or people sending her death threats. This is a crucial time in these baby's lives and she is probably worried about them all making it. Especially since multiple births have an increased risk of death.


  1. Definitely. I think they are so lovely. I don't see how people have the capacity for so much hate. Isn't there enough of that on a daily basis without taking something as wonderful as motherhood and trying to destroy it?

    I too wish all the best to these babies and this family.

  2. Thanks for commenting Ms. Bar B!
    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who feels this way.

  3. I have mixed feelings about the story.. I could really understand her wanting children and doing the fetility treatments if she had none but had 7 already. I understand wanting a large family because I absolutely love the Duggars not a fan of Jon and Kate 8, but I think wisdom has to prevail over selfishness and want. Tax payers should not be burdened. And the hate mail she has received is totally unacceptable. And people calling her "Octpussy" which I did laugh at first but felt shamed.

  4. The way this pregnancy came about I am NOT cool with. I think both she and the doctor were irresponsible and I know what you mean about the taxes. Like you, I just don't agree with the anger that has people talking so badly about her and sending death threats.

    I feel the same way about the Duggars. It's funny because I really don't like Jon and Kate myself. I wonder where the money would come from to support her children if she didn't score a TV show. Jon's working part time from home now and who can support 8 children on a part time income.


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