Sedation, of a Toddler

by - May 19, 2009

Does anyone know what a 3 year old drunk acts like?

  • Loopy and unable to walk straight.
  • Won't sit still.
  • They say stuff that would normally get them tapped in their little mouth, or at least scolded.
  • Once you get them to sleep, they will sleep for long periods of time.
  • They wake up in the middle of the night muttering about events that happened the day before, then quickly fall back to sleep.
  • She will wake up the next morning acting very hyper.

My youngest daughter was given medication at the hospital, so that she could have all her dental work done in one shot. This is what happens when your child is under the influence (of legal narcotics). Thank goodness this is all over and I have my little girl back.

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  1. Ha! I been there when my 4 year old had surgery. It's crazy

  2. Yes it is. She was acting so different it was almost scary.

  3. Poor baby, sounds like the dentist gave to much medication. Glad she is back to normal

  4. Her dad was a little concerned about whether or not they gave her too much meds. I'm glad she's back to normal too.